The Problem with Netopia

Netopia claims itself to be the largest and fastest growing internet cafe chain in the Philippines. It has 180 branches and more than 8,000 pc’s to service its customers.

Personally, I like renting computers in netopia, because of its high-speed internet connection. I mean, it’s not really that very high speed, but at least I can’t have any complaint with such a speed.

However, Continue reading The Problem with Netopia

Choices of Feed Aggregator and Readers

In the past couple of months, I have tried almost all types of feeds aggregator and readers available out there. That list includes: attensa, bloglines, feedlounge, google reader, gritwire, news alloy, newsgator online, pluck web edition, rojo,, google ig, and netvibes. These are online websites directly accessible in the internet. I’ve also tried the trial versions of separate desktop applications like the feeddemon and newsgator inbox. Continue reading Choices of Feed Aggregator and Readers

HSBC Security Device

HSBC Security DeviceI received my security device just yesterday. I tested the device at online@hsbc and so far it seems to be working, except for some returned error by the website.

The device and the procedure to be employed by HSBC to secure the access of customers over their accounts at HSBC over the internet, to me, is innovative. This will definitely put HSBC Continue reading HSBC Security Device

Technology in My Hands

Nokia 6230iJanuary 28, 2006 – I bought a Nokia 6230i at Novacell Telecom Corp. in Robinson’s Place in Malate, as a replacement for my old Nokia 5210. The phone cost P16,000 cash.

Just two days ago, May 3, 2006, I checked for the same phone at KingCom in Makati Cinema Square and guess what, they were already selling it at only P13,138. Just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price, I asked around the stalls selling those phones for even cheaper prices (with warranty periods ranging from none to only one month, of course, you know what I mean), and they were selling it for as low as P11,800. Continue reading Technology in My Hands

Yahoo! Mail Problems

Eversince this “Photomail” feature was added into yahoo, I could not successfully send emails with file attachments using yahoomail. It always return the message, “There was a problem: We encountered an internal error. Please try again in a few minutes.”

I wonder if this fact is common to everyone. Have you already installed this so called Photomail?