New Email Service is offering a new service. Introducing the new email service from, as powered by Gmail (or Google Mail).

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Recently, the Google Team has approved my application under its “Gmail for your Domain” service as a beta tester. As a beta tester, I was given the opportunity to create at most 25 email addresses under (i.e., [username]

Now you ask, what can I offer with this email service? Basically, almost all the features offered by gmail and google, like Forwarding and POP access, spam protection, gmail talk, google calendar, etc. Plus, there is the two (2) gigabytes storage space, of course! Now, virtually, you don’t have to delete those precious emails anymore! (You think you’ve heard it before, huh? lol..)

If you’re interested to use this exclusive service of mine (“exclusive”, huh, what a choice of…), email me with your details like your preferred username, your initial password (subject to change by you upon activation), your relation to me, etc. (Note: I may not be able to read your “private” email messages in your new [username] account).

My official email address from now on will be hidden. [Note: I’m formatting my email address improperly to keep my email off from spam. You should change and enter the email address the proper way in the “To” line of your new message.] Contact me if you have any concern regarding this offer….

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