Blogging at Deuts.NET since 2006. Topics of interest include: technology, smartphones, Android, Apple, blogging, WordPress, internet, chess, travels, places, accounting, audit, finance, stock market, investing, photography, videography, Linux, basketball, cars, motoring, social media, etc.

I got to start serveral internet projects in the past, but unfortunately they failed to gain traction with the intended audience. I’ve worked my way around with WordPress for the most part. Currently, here are my projects:

  • Deuts.NET (this site) — my main blog, where I post usually long (or quite long) articles for your reading pleasure;
  • Chesshive — my chess blog covering topics about the latest news in chess, the top players, and especially about our favorite Wesley So.
  • Deuts Log — my tumblog, as powered by Tumblr, where I usually post videos, photos, my Instagram photos, quotes, etc.
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