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Announcement: There are No Solutions Manual Here

This blog has lately been bombarded with the request for a copy of the solutions manual of the reviewer book of Atty. Conrado Valix on Financial Accounting. I have confirmed that the commenter, Maria Luz, is offering a copy of the answer keys FOR A FEE.

This site is not a market place, and I don’t think I can allow that to happen. All comments requesting for the manual will now be deleted, and future comments ignored. All comments that are clearly out of topic will find themselves in the trash.

So everybody is requested to refrain from posting comments regarding the solution manual.

Searching Conrado Valix

Yeah, sounds like a movie (Searching Bobby Fischer). I should have changed the title to “Googling Conrado Valix”. Nah, nevermind.

bookI was wondering of late why there were just too many people who maybe were lost in the cyberspace and found their way to my entry regarding the Financial Accounting I, 2006 Edition by Atty. Conrado Valix and Jose Peralta. These visitors are mostly students from schools in different parts of the country (Philippines), who are (maybe) fanatics of Atty. Valix (okay, I am a fan myself). My blog was even mistaken for a fan site or something like that.

Then, I tried googling for the keyword “Conrado Valix” and guess what I discovererd:

  • Google – No. 1 in the search result page.
  • Yahoo! – No. 1 in the search result page.
  • MSN – No. 3 in the search result page.

Refining the search query yielded in a more interesting result. For a keyword “Financial Accounting by Conrado Valix”, my site ranked simply number one in all the big three search engine sites! (Note that these results change over time)

So that explains it, huh!

That should surely explain The J Spot’s entry on “Why Celebrities Should Blog“. He also cited another reason here.

Conrado Valix, being a public figure especially to accountants from college students to professionals, should start blogging. By this manner, it will pave the way at which students and professionals alike can contact him. It can be a ground where he can solicit feedbacks from readers of is “renowned” books on accounting.

Nonetheless, it’s even more ironic to note that CPAR (CPA Review School of the Philippines), being an established institution in the world of Filipino Accountants where Atty. Valix is one of the founders and the current director, doesn’t have a website (I think I’ve already said before). It’s one of the review centers that has produced and is still producing the best accountants in the country (or maybe even in the whole world), and yet it doesn’t yet have a space in the world wide web. (Or maybe it has, but it was not just optimized for search engines, I don’t know. If that’s the case, time to hire an SEO professional.) Imagine just how many students are maybe searching for its site everyday. Thus, maybe lost reviewees (and revenue).

Access to internet nowadays are becoming more widespread and cheaper. One should really reevaluate its marketing strategy.

(What do you think Domeng? –if you read this post)

Financial Accounting I 2006 Edition

A new version of “Financial Accounting I” has already been released by Atty. Conrado T. Valix and Jose Peralta. It incorporates the new standards: Philippine Accounting Standards, Philippine Financial Reporting Standards, International Accounting Standards, and International Financial Reporting Standards.

The book has a whole new different look.

010 valix_book
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