Searching Conrado Valix

Yeah, sounds like a movie (Searching Bobby Fischer). I should have changed the title to “Googling Conrado Valix”. Nah, nevermind.

bookI was wondering of late why there were just too many people who maybe were lost in the cyberspace and found their way to my entry regarding the Financial Accounting I, 2006 Edition by Atty. Conrado Valix and Jose Peralta. These visitors are mostly students from schools in different parts of the country (Philippines), who are (maybe) fanatics of Atty. Valix (okay, I am a fan myself). My blog was even mistaken for a fan site or something like that.

Then, I tried googling for the keyword “Conrado Valix” and guess what I discovererd:

  • Google – No. 1 in the search result page.
  • Yahoo! – No. 1 in the search result page.
  • MSN – No. 3 in the search result page.

Refining the search query yielded in a more interesting result. For a keyword “Financial Accounting by Conrado Valix”, my site ranked simply number one in all the big three search engine sites! (Note that these results change over time)

So that explains it, huh!

That should surely explain The J Spot’s entry on “Why Celebrities Should Blog“. He also cited another reason here.

Conrado Valix, being a public figure especially to accountants from college students to professionals, should start blogging. By this manner, it will pave the way at which students and professionals alike can contact him. It can be a ground where he can solicit feedbacks from readers of is “renowned” books on accounting.

Nonetheless, it’s even more ironic to note that CPAR (CPA Review School of the Philippines), being an established institution in the world of Filipino Accountants where Atty. Valix is one of the founders and the current director, doesn’t have a website (I think I’ve already said before). It’s one of the review centers that has produced and is still producing the best accountants in the country (or maybe even in the whole world), and yet it doesn’t yet have a space in the world wide web. (Or maybe it has, but it was not just optimized for search engines, I don’t know. If that’s the case, time to hire an SEO professional.) Imagine just how many students are maybe searching for its site everyday. Thus, maybe lost reviewees (and revenue).

Access to internet nowadays are becoming more widespread and cheaper. One should really reevaluate its marketing strategy.

(What do you think Domeng? –if you read this post)


  1. Jo,

    I agree to you Jo that so many students and professors from various colleges and universities were fanatic with Atty. Valix books. Just because it is the most updated one when it comes to “Financial Accounting” specially to the new adoptions and application of IAS/PAS and IFRS/PFRS.

    May i suggest to those students who want to have a copy of solution manual and answer key of Atty. Valix Books to just visit Atty. Valix at CPAR (Newly Constructed Building) opposite the Perpetual Succor Hospital and beside Immaculate Dormitory.

    Well Jo, maybe i can suggest one of these days to Atty Valix to have a personal website or just use your website to publish his books including the recent updates in IAS/PAS & IFRS/PFRS, so that more professionals will recognize this not only in the Philippines but worldwide, and by publishing on the website maybe it is one of the best strategy in Marketing nowadays.

    I want also to emphasize the status of CPAR that this Review School in the Philippines is number 1 in producing topnotchers in the field of Certified Public Accountants, and one of them is none other than Mr. Jorelle Tuvillo.

    Regards to all!

  2. Idol na idol tlga ni Domeng si Atty. Valix. Cge close nmn kau nun eh. Tell him, if he wants to build a website, just contact me. I can be his webmaster, for a fee of course. Dami nmn pera nun eh!

  3. sabi ko nga ba e. dami mo na talaga pira. yes pira

  4. Jo si Leo Cruz ung naging staff mo nag subscribed din ng iba talaga itong website mo sikat kaso di sya naglagay comment. Nahiya sa yo kasi Idol ka daw nya hahaha

  5. Hi..I would like to ask the contact number of CPAR–not the Cebu one..I like to inquire further on their review classes..

  6. Any PDF format for Condrado T. Valix books.

  7. That’s piracy my friend. And that is usually proliferating only in foreign books. 🙂

  8. honga! pengeng sagot please

  9. I’m sorry I don’t have an answer key.

  10. I wonder if Cpar has an official website? Where is it located? I mean the exact address…I wanna review there someday, after graduation…

  11. please post your practical accounting

  12. i am a fan of mr. conrado valix he is a talented man give me some tips…….. thank you

  13. what’s happening to these people asking for answer keys? lol!

  14. @ Sweet, it’s just that Atty. Valix doesn’t have a website for them to shoot these requests… 😀

  15. ronnie ignacio

    July 5, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    no doubt, lots of Filipino Professors wants to acquire the best ever book of Atty. Valix. Actually, Fin1 helps me a lot whenever we have our quizzes and as well as problem solving.,
    i hope that Atty. Valix would have to release it’s new version of Fin1 and as well as the problem, for us to challenge(or test) our skills in every hard problems we do undertake.,
    This is truly exhilarating!., I salute Mr. Valix for his patience by working out of flesh on this book.

    Godbless and may God engrave your name more as our hero in Accounting Profession.,

    Sir, would you please make an official website in regards of Accounting matters and Principles?.
    >>hope you did it., as soon as you can


    Ronnie A. Ignacio
    BSA III-11
    Dr. Filemon C. Aguilar- College of Accountancy

  16. hi!!! taga bukidnon po aq”””” producto ako ng mvcollege dito po sa school namin marami ang hindi makapasa dahil sa mababang marka ng subject ma ito”””” gusto kng matoto pa ng financial subalit ayaw ng financial sa akin,.

  17. hi.. i am a student from saint louis university… our school is one of the top performing schools when it comes to accountancy, bali po no. 2 cia last year with 100 or more examinees.. kaya nga po pag nkakuha ka ng average grade of 75 masayang masaya ka na. problema po e, hingi po sana ako ng iba pang reviewers or the most used books in advanced accounting and management advisory services… thank you po..

  18. aside from the ones by valix, what are other highly reliable accounting books suitable for filipino students?

  19. can i ask po if pwede ba mag order na CPA exam reviewers?

  20. sa mga naghahanap ng alternative na reviewer aside from the most renowned reviewer of valix and peralta (practical accounting 1), pwede din ung kay conrado uberita, practical accounting 1 din.

  21. so long! God! so many comments that it took me half an hour to read it all, but i guess two thirds of it are not for you….aren’t you frustrated of the questions thrown at you which you cannot aNSwer?plus the fact that it has been asked for so many times already!… poor people!!!i guess, they never bothered to read all other comments!!!

    >>maybe you are though… it’s been so long since you last posted n your site…

    >>anyway, i just wanna share something…
    I didn’t really understand what depletion is! our teacher is so weird. he didn’t discuss it and yet he added it to our exam last Friday…and the sad thing is, he will never care to discuss it ‘again’…

    >>thanks ha! anyway,I’m from Cebu! I’m an aspiring student..actually,I’m really trying hard, giving my best shot for this career and yet, I’m almost drowning!!!

  22. anyway…may i ask for 1 favor?..will you send me an illustration on agricultural?biological assets-IAS41?

  23. Depletion is much like depreciation, only that the former pertains to the use of natural resources while the latter pertains to the usual wear and tear of any other assets.

    In computing for depletion, it is essential that you have the estimate of how much is the reserve, so you can accurately divide the acquisition cost of the asset (cost of land, permits, MPSA, if any, etc.) over the life of the mine asset.

    Agricultural/biological assets include poultry stocks, crops, etc.

  24. if any one is looking for a new practical acounting 1 book..try the book of Reynaldo Ocampo both Practical accounting 1 and Auditing Problems…i consider him the best in IAS and IFRS…if ur interested just drop by PRTC located infront of UE manila recto gate

  25. well, i’m one of the lucky ones who met the great conrado valix and am proud to say a product of CPAR.. Well i think the reason they don’t have a website is that they prioritize more on the review proper not on advertising CPAR.. and it really yields great result..

  26. Sir Deuts i have a question..
    Is there a new Practical Accounting and TOA released in Conanan…yr.2009, coz i have purchased financial accounting 2 which we bought fr. our prof., (dear friend of Mr. Valix).
    Hope you’ll reply in this message so that i may know if its already in the market. Tnx.,nd more powers

  27. meron ng bagong edition yung book ni valix na pang 2009 na. actually sale sila ngayong christmas sa cpar. its 300 pesos na lang. tatlong volume yun.

  28. hello po…na amaze aq sa story ni knwento ng prof nmin na ngtake xa bord exam twice… in ag galing..we are using his book..luma na nga ung sakin required kming bumili ng new edition..xa ag AMA ng Accounting…haha..

  29. hello po, tanong ko lang po tungkol sa pre-emptive rights or right of preemption, kung sakali po ba na nagdagdag ng capital ang isang corporation at ang ilang stockholders ay nagwaive ng kanilang preemptive rights, pwede po kaya na ang kumuha ng rights ay ang iba pang mga shareholders?

  30. excuse me po…meron na po bang latest edition ng Financial Accounting? Thx po …

  31. i am an accountant student taking the subject “intermediate accounting”. i just want to ask if how can i amortized the cost of accounts receivable if the given account was just: beginning accounts receivable; beginning allowance for uncollectible accounts; sales during the year; cash received during the year; accounts written off during the year. in the cash received, there was included a 15 and 10 day discount and a recoverable written off, does it affect to the amortized cost of accounts receivable?

    *thank you for future response (if any):D*
    hope you understand sir..i’m in the peak of difficulty of being an accountant8

  32. ;the amortized cost is the same as the net realizable amount/value of accounts receivable.i’ve answered the same problem but i can’t explain it because i’m not really good in explaining.

    • if amortized cost of a/r = nrv, then that would be accounts receivables less allowance.. for jchelle, you may want to use the t-accounts for simple representation.. i hope what i wrote here is correct. hihihi

  33. Does Conrado Valix released Financial Accounting I 2009 edition? Which bookstores can we buy it? Thank you.

    • i know for certain there is financial accounting 1 2009 edition, we have some copies in our school library. mm, but i’m not 100% sure of the specific bookstores. probably national bookstores. what i know is that in Robinsons Lipa, there has been orders for such copies.

  34. does anyone here know about sir valix’s email ad?

  35. kris angie garcia

    September 20, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    atty. valix.. i’m a second year college taking up bachelor of science in accountancy…i found your book very helpful to my studies… and now I am on a screening.. our judgment is quite approaching…hehehe.. i hope i can pass accounting 3 so that i can enjoy more reading your books…thank you very much.. godbless…

  36. hello sir,
    what is the entry to record if a company purchased a lump sum long term investment???
    i need your reply sir thank you,,

  37. I’m trying to answer the exercises in the latest edition of Financial Acctg. of course by Valix,,but I’m not sure with my answers..Is there any key answer for them? If there is where can I find them?Thank you.please help me

  38. The 2010 edition of Financial Accounting 2 was released already, so I was wondering if Sir Valix will release a 2010 edition of Practical Accounting 1? Any guess how soon will it be? I’d be thankful for an answer.

  39. hi atty. valix..i am a sophomore accountancy student. im having my comprehensive exam on june8 and i dont have any answer keys. can i have answer keys for the financial accounting 1,2,3?i dont know if my answers are right or wrong…anyway, im going to use it as a guide only…thank you.

  40. good lahat nang book ni atty. valix!

  41. then you will be my hero couz i really want this coarse in order to help my family..

  42. aahm, sino po yung willing mag tutor sa akin online? maawa naman po kayo oh.. gusto talaga makatapos sa kursong bs accountancy… fin acc. 1 po yung topic.. salamat .. God bless

  43. i like his Practical Accntng books…

  44. Is it true there is a 2010 edition of Financial Accounting already?

  45. yes may 2010 na po

  46. nice eve po..ask ko lang po.may copy po ba kau ng practical accounting 1 by mr.conrado valix..pwde po bang mkakuha ng copy..thnks.godbless po.

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