New Theme

With the employment of this new theme (Tech-o-Crunch), I’m really worried whether my challenge plugin will work fine.

I’m encouraging everyone to do drop me a line in the comments (after answering the math quiz, of course) so I can better test the functionality of the challenge plugin, and whether it is effective in capturing preventing spam comments.

Please, I need your help. My blog is flooded with spams!

4 thoughts on “New Theme”

  1. Uy parang c kuya Larry to ah! kmusta boss? ayos ba bagong itsura ng website ko? I’m very glad u liked it. kc ikaw lng naman tlga ang gusto kong i-please eh….hehehehe, cge kmusta mo n lng ako sa mga tao jan! lalo na kay negro!

  2. gumagana ba yung challenge plugins?

    nagviview rin yun dito…

    ayos naman dito… wala ka bang bagong post for accounting?

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