Look, Who’s Blogging!

Randel used to say,

I hate blogs! I’m not interested in reading other people’s diaries.

Well, blogs in the earlier years were associated with online diaries, yes. Blog was a compression of the words ‘web log’, thus blog. In the early days of the internet, they were put up to create online diaries, especially for those who are fond of writing.

However, blogs and blogging evolved to provide not only personal journals or records of individual experiences. It involved commentaries on political issues, news, and technological developments. Some used blogging as media to showcase one’s passion for photography (photoblogs), painting, etc.

In the Philippine blogosphere alone, Bong Austero, the author of the celebrated “Open Letter to Our Leaders” last February made his way to being a columnist in Manila Standard Today through blogging.

Bloggers in the international arena who especially captured a niche in the technology world are earning five or maybe even six digits US dollars a month (e.g., problogger.net) through google adsense and other various ads.

And of course, there are the celebrities who are also into blogging. KC Conception blogs her way through Paris. Jim Paredes of the Apo Hiking Society talks about life and his music.

So who else can’t be drawn into this blogging thing?

Friends and collegues alike blog as well. To name a few: Gil Manalo, Clifford Pacol, Edwin Bumal-o, Mitch Custodio, and Dina Quinio.

Recommended blog sites:

So start your own now!

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