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Why I Bought a Kindle?

I used to own a first generation iPad, and I intend to get a replacement in the future. I currently own an iPhone. Both have (or at least used to have) the Kindle app. Likewise, I have Kindle applications installed in both my laptops.

Last Saturday, I bought a Kindle Keyboard (see photo above) — the 3rd generation Wifi 6″ E-Ink display Kindle with Special Offers and Sponsored Screensavers.

Yet, the question that often pops up: Who needs a Kindle when you can read your e-books in your other existing mobile devices like the iPad?

First, let me just reiterate some “obvious” reasons — that which you’ll usually find in other blogs — why Kindle is better than the iPad to suit the bookworm in you: Continue reading

More iOS 5 Goodness: More Alert Tones through iTunes

The 200+ features in iOS 5 obviously include the ability to select message (text) alert tones other than the stock tones in your iPhone.

buy custom alert tones

The drawback is you have to *BUY* them through iTunes. Nevertheless, it’s a good thing you have the option to employ different message alert tones into your iPhone, to avoid getting confused with other iPhone users in the office, as to whose/which phone did make that sound alert.

Read more: iOS 5 to sell text alert tones through iTunes

The iOS 5 Magic

Just in time for the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) later today where the details about the iCloud and iOS 5 are expected to be announced, here’s the preview of what to expect in the new iOS 5.

And they called this video the iOS 5 magic, and it’s literally — not really figuratively, like when you’re referring to new features.

Ironically Android Devices

I find it ironic for Android tablets (just like this Acer Iconia A500 tablet, photo above) and Android phones to pose like an iPad or iPhone competitor, and yet offer their products at usually higher prices than the leader.

If you are gonna take on the competition, and you can’t offer a lot more — if not better — features, then at least come out with a competitive price. Think about 50% to 60% of that of the leader.

iMovie for iPad Classic

The iMovie app for iOS devices is supposed to be a universal app. By that, though, according to the iTunes app page, you pay only once to install the same at both the iPhone and iPad 2 (i.e., only).


I already paid for the app for my iPhone 4. And obviously, I can’t install it on my iPad 1. The apparent reason as it appears to be is just because it got no front-facing camera (nor even a camera at all). My question is, is it the only hardware spec the app requires? Continue reading

The iPad 2 Review That Will Probably Make You Buy One

Or at least will move you to the edge of buying an iPad 2.

What would the first iPad have been like if its engineers had been given another year to work on it

— Chicago Sun-Times, Review: iPad 2 is not revolutionary, but it is great

The author did some tests to compare the processing or loading speeds for some heavy-computing Apps between the original iPad and iPad 2. And he found out the increase in loading these certain apps was remarkable –around 2.5x faster. Now, while I’m waiting for some apps to load in my iPad classic, I’ll be wondering how wonder it would have been if I had the iPad 2 instead.

Personally, the thinner and lighter thing don’t really appeal to me, especially when the reviewer was actually worried attaching that a thick cable may actually snap something inside that thin device: Continue reading

iPad 2 is Not Excused from the Blender Challenge

Unfortunately for iPad 2, it is not excused from the blender challenge.

Just as any new device that came out in the past, the big question ‘Will it Blend?’ has been resolved in the affirmative for the iPad 2. Remember, don’t try this at home.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USiaeXzYkOE&fs=1&hl=en_US&rel=0]

Check out other ‘Will it Blend?’ videos for the iPhone 4, the original iPad, and even the Chrome Notebook.

If you own a $439.95 blender, it sure will blend anything that fits into its compartment.

River of News is a $3.99 iPad App Gone to Waste

River of News is a news aggregator iPad App that synchronizes with Google Reader.

I bought this App due to some positive reviews. Now I can’t even seem to find where I once read that positive review.

Here are the features of the App, according to its website:

  • Infinite scrolling;
  • Swipe to change feeds;
  • Always in sync with Google Reader;
  • Share with Twitter, Facebook and more;
  • Mark as read while you scroll;
  • Optimized for readability;

Probably not so far ahead of the competition in terms of features, but they sound great nonetheless, especially the unique ‘infinite scrolling’ and ‘swipe to change feeds’ features. Continue reading

Managing Multiple iTunes Account in one iPhone/iPad


When I first got my iPad (and iPhone 4 a month later), I registered them with a Philippine iTunes account. Since then, I’ve purchased several apps from the Apple App Store using my Philippines-issued credit card.

Now, the problem with the Philippine iTunes store is that you have no access to certain apps (e.g., Microsoft OneNote, Google Voice, etc.), as well as iTunes Music, Movies, TV Shows and iBookstore.

Then I discovered that it is in fact possible and totally legitimate to create a US iTunes account without a US-issued credit card (or US-based Paypal account). See the Apple support page on how to do it.

The Dilemma

So I created another (US) iTunes account.

While maintaining the US iTunes account only and dropping the Philippine iTunes account altogether is an option, it’s certainly out of the equation. I’ve already spent as much as US$100 in the Apps purchased from the Philippine iTunes Store.

I was worried that maintaining two iTunes accounts may pose problems in the future, especially during App updates. Continue reading