The iPad 2 Review That Will Probably Make You Buy One

Or at least will move you to the edge of buying an iPad 2.

What would the first iPad have been like if its engineers had been given another year to work on it

— Chicago Sun-Times, Review: iPad 2 is not revolutionary, but it is great

The author did some tests to compare the processing or loading speeds for some heavy-computing Apps between the original iPad and iPad 2. And he found out the increase in loading these certain apps was remarkable –around 2.5x faster. Now, while I’m waiting for some apps to load in my iPad classic, I’ll be wondering how wonder it would have been if I had the iPad 2 instead.

Personally, the thinner and lighter thing don’t really appeal to me, especially when the reviewer was actually worried attaching that a thick cable may actually snap something inside that thin device:

Also, when I’ve got a thick cable plugged into the display adapter and I’m holding the iPad, I instinctively want to support the cable with my fingers. I worry that there isn’t as much mechanical contact preventing the weight of the cable from snapping something inside. Only time — and future posts to support message boards — will show whether those worries are founded.

But the Smart Cover, according to the reviewer, is like magic. It’s a testament at how Apple treat product design seriously. After all, that is what they are known for.

Now, if you are still waiting to be convinced to upgrade or get your first iPad, head over to the review page.

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  1. just happen to stumble upon this post..tempting..but i prefer to wait for android 3.0 on the galaxy tab this june.

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