Firefox 4.0 – Ready for Download


Even with the advent of Google Chrome, which provides sleeker and faster internet browsing experience, I was still using Mozilla Firefox as my main browser.

There are just important and useful addons in Firefox that I can’t find in Chrome. If there are counterpart functions or extensions, the same leave a lot of things to be desired. Worse, they even bring problems than solutions.

Now that Firefox 4.0 is here, Mozilla claims it is 6 times faster. I hope it really is, before I’ll start longing for Chrome’s marvelous speed.

[vimeo 21351127 w=500 h=281]

Firefox 4 Introduction Video from JESS3 on Vimeo.

This 60-second video produced by JESS3 showcases Mozilla’s latest browser launch, Firefox 4. The video highlights the new browser and its features, including a fresh user-interface, more customization and personalization features, and a faster browsing experience than ever before.

Using advanced digital-animation techniques, the video simulates a papercraft production. Vibrant visuals, coupled with the lively original soundtrack and personable voice over, educate viewers about the non-profit’s latest launch.

Other features I’m really looking forward to are Pin as App Tab and Group Tabs Panorama. Hope they really do deliver on their promised improvements.

Aside: What are the Firefox addons that I find most useful?

  • Web Developer;
  • MeasureIt;
  • DownThemAl!;
  • Firefox Sync;

What about you? Are you already converted to Google Chrome? Or are you still stuck with the old, obsolete, and outdated stock browser called “Internet Explorer”?

DISCLAIMER: I don’t hate Internet Explorer that much, because it is most useful to me in downloading Firefox and Google Chrome.

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