Why I Bought a Kindle?

I used to own a first generation iPad, and I intend to get a replacement in the future. I currently own an iPhone. Both have (or at least used to have) the Kindle app. Likewise, I have Kindle applications installed in both my laptops.

Last Saturday, I bought a Kindle Keyboard (see photo above) — the 3rd generation Wifi 6″ E-Ink display Kindle with Special Offers and Sponsored Screensavers.

Yet, the question that often pops up: Who needs a Kindle when you can read your e-books in your other existing mobile devices like the iPad?

First, let me just reiterate some “obvious” reasons — that which you’ll usually find in other blogs — why Kindle is better than the iPad to suit the bookworm in you:

  • It is lightweight. You can easily hold it up your face while lying in bed.
  • It is readable outdoors. E-ink display makes reading on it much like reading from a normal paper.
  • Reduces eye-strain when reading. Reading on a Kindle reduces eye-strain that’s often caused by prolonged staring at the backlit LCD display of the iPad (or the iPhone for that matter).
  • Longer battery life. Without the backlight, Kindle’s battery will naturally last longer before the next recharge.
  • Doesn’t interfere with sleep patterns at bedtime. You can bring the Kindle to bed without worrying that it might instead keep you awake with games, movies, internet browsing, and social networking that you usually enjoy in the iPad.

You may want to read more about iPad vs. Kindle.

But for me, the number one reason why I bought a Kindle (and I need to emphasize this more clearly, that’s why the bigger font) is:

I’m a slow reader, and I hate it when the display times out on me before I could finish reading the page.

Note: the display times out when it turns off after a certain period of inactivity.

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