The iMovie app for iOS devices is supposed to be a universal app. By that, though, according to the iTunes app page, you pay only once to install the same at both the iPhone and iPad 2 (i.e., only).


I already paid for the app for my iPhone 4. And obviously, I can’t install it on my iPad 1. The apparent reason as it appears to be is just because it got no front-facing camera (nor even a camera at all). My question is, is it the only hardware spec the app requires?

If I don’t have a front-facing camera, then just don’t let me use that feature. But let me edit photos and videos from my library — those that have been taken with my iPhone 4 and imported to my iPad 1 library.

This is really outrageous. I just would like to take advantage of the bigger screen on my iPad 1 to manipulate my existing photos and videos to create awesome videos from this amazing app.

I need to mention, thought, that there’s actually a hack (without jailbreaking the iPad) to make iMovie run on iPad 1. Tutorials can be found at the DownloadSquad and Tuaw.

Though it leaves a little inconvenience during the iPad sync with iTunes, comments pointed out the app can run well under the iPad 1’s internal hardware specs. This reinforces my question: why iMovie for iPad 2 only?

Or, maybe, are you just trying to justify for customers to buy the new iPad 2?