When WordPress is Getting Bloated

It has been discussed in some forums, blogs and in the comments:

There are certainly features in WordPress that I don’t particularly use. And I believe a lot of users are not using them as well. Yet, these features are in the core, and we can’t even avoid them.

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Deuts.NET Upgraded to WordPress 2.7

Upgraded, and am loving the backend. It’s just so awesome and sleek, the fresh look and everything.

I have always been excited with this release.

I did the upgrade from WordPress 2.6.5 to WordPress 2.7 using the WordPress Autumatic Upgrade plugin. For those who are worried to do the same, so far it worked for me. Just make sure to backup everything first before doing anything.

Theme and Plugin Compatibility

So far, I don’t see any compatibility issues with my current set of plugins. The pages are working fine, including the backend (admin area). That’s so far as I try visiting each of them. If anyone notice any error or bug in any pages after this upgrade, please do let me know.

WordPress 2.7 Full Features

WordPress 2.7 is reach in new exciting features. One of my favorites was paged comments and comment threads. I still have to tweak the theme in order to fully exploit these features.

Check out the full feature list of the release over at the codex.

Creating and Maintaining a Personal Website

As a response to Suon Dondi‘s query here:

Personal Websites and Blogs

Most people maintain personal websites through blogs. A blog is what makes a personal website pertinent by posting updates every now and then.

When it comes to blogs, the first thing that should come to mind is WordPress. This is so far, in my opinion (and I’m sure a lot of bloggers will share my opinion), the best blogging platform.


A .com, .net, or .org domain name usually costs around $10 per year. That’s around P470 a year — cheap!:D

Blogger/blogspot actually permits mapping of domain names into your blogger blog. Say, you have a domain name at example.com, you can make it map to your existing blog at blogger.com so all your posts will appear within your domain name (example.com) and all your former permalinks (e.g., example.blogspot.com) will automatically redirect to your new domain name. This service is called Custom Domains. Refer to this documentation to set-up a custom domain at blogger.com.

But blogger.com alone does not offer that much flexibility as compared to when you host your own website. Hosting puts you in total control of your website. But hosting entails additional cost on top of what you paid for the domain name.
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Celebrating the Unique Day 8.8.8

Lucky number, indeed. Once in our lifetime will this day ever happen. As such, Deuts.NET welcomes the day and the favorite number with a (what? again?) new design–a new look.

Unique designs by Deuts.NET

Unique designs by Deuts.NET

I know, the change of costume may have happened too soon from the last time. But what can I do, I was just longing for this time to come. And hopefully, we’ll stick to this for much longer period (I know I will).

To the old codelog theme, you have been part of Deuts.NET history. It was great while it lasted.


Bullet Points: WordPress 2.6, Dark Knight, Investments, iPhone 3G

Deuts.NET Related News

Deuts.NET is breaking records after records as regards pageviews and visits after I posted about RA 9504. But unfortunately, only a few bothered to leave a comment.

Windows and Linux

Windows is great…
I used it to download Linux!

Indeed, very true in my case. Without Windows, I could not have been running Ubuntu in my PC right now!

One thing is for sure, it could not be the other way around.

WordPress 2.6

WordPress 2.6 is out and I just upgraded Deuts.NET to the latest version. Every blogger recommends that you should wait a bit longer before upgrading your WordPress intall so that bugs can be fixed first before you actually deploy it in your blog. I say, who would find those bugs in the first place if everybody doesn’t want to try those out. Every version has beta and RC’s before the final release, for users to test and report bugs. Final releases should have been proven and tested. If you are worried about bugs and glitches, even though you actually have the time to do the dirty work of upgrading, then don’t upgrade at all.

Quick Online Tips enumerates the 10 best new features of WordPress 2.6.

Dark Knight’s Record Midnight Madness

The latest Batman movie, inspiring thousands of sold-out screenings and countless desperate hunts for seats, grossed a record $18.5 million at midnight screenings.

Gotta catch this one in theater.

What is a Good Investment During Recession?

Take it from the financial expert, Wilson suggests 4 investment options during an economic recession. As for me, I have no money to invest, so that leaves me no option at all during a recession.

If you are into “Finance”, 21 Wilson Street surely should be a regular read.

Top 5 Reasons to Hate the iPhone 3G

CNET counts down the top 5 reasons to hate the new iPhone 3G.

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WordPress Plugins in Use

A lot of friends I have converted into blogging lately and use WordPress. From uploading themes via ftp, changing themes and installing plugins, there are still a lot of things to be learned. Customizing themes to suit your personal preferences is a real challenge.

I prepared this post to showcase the WordPress plugins that I use in this site. I don’t say that they are the best or the top plugins out there, but at least they served helpful to me.

Check them out and see for yourself which may prove helpful to you as well: Otherwise, just browse the plugins directory for more.

UPDATE: For security reasons, I’m disabling the WordPress Plugins in Use plugin, and leave this page/post to be a static page. Hence, you might find versions here outdated.

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Awaiting WordPress 2.5

This site is proudly powered by WordPress (WP).

Wordpress LogoWith lots of updates going on into the core of wordpress install, particularly with the upcoming WordPress 2.5, a lot of features are being introduced. I’m afraid there will come a time that WordPress would not be as lightweight but functional as it used to be. WordPress users are asking for features left and right specific to their needs. The WordPress team, it appears to me, are moving towards satisfying all those requests by the various users in one package, that is WordPress.

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Blogging at Your Own Domain Name

A discussion over at The Blog Herald, some people adversely decide whether they should spend (waste?) time reading blogs that have url’s ending in “.blogspot.com” or “.wordpress.com”. To some, these url addresses bring negative connotations as to the contents of the blog, although this may not always be the case.

Everyone, indeed, can just simply create a new blog over those sites (blogger and wordpress.com) anytime for free. How sure can you be that the blog created from these sites you have bumped into is current, meaning maintained regularly and that the blogger was serious about it (which takes me back into wondering what’s the idea behind http:/deloittephilippines.multiply.com). Who would like to browse a blog who’s only content is “Hello World!” anyway? Continue reading