Bullet Points: WordPress 2.6, Dark Knight, Investments, iPhone 3G

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Deuts.NET is breaking records after records as regards pageviews and visits after I posted about RA 9504. But unfortunately, only a few bothered to leave a comment.

Windows and Linux

Windows is great…
I used it to download Linux!

Indeed, very true in my case. Without Windows, I could not have been running Ubuntu in my PC right now!

One thing is for sure, it could not be the other way around.

WordPress 2.6

WordPress 2.6 is out and I just upgraded Deuts.NET to the latest version. Every blogger recommends that you should wait a bit longer before upgrading your WordPress intall so that bugs can be fixed first before you actually deploy it in your blog. I say, who would find those bugs in the first place if everybody doesn’t want to try those out. Every version has beta and RC’s before the final release, for users to test and report bugs. Final releases should have been proven and tested. If you are worried about bugs and glitches, even though you actually have the time to do the dirty work of upgrading, then don’t upgrade at all.

Quick Online Tips enumerates the 10 best new features of WordPress 2.6.

Dark Knight’s Record Midnight Madness

The latest Batman movie, inspiring thousands of sold-out screenings and countless desperate hunts for seats, grossed a record $18.5 million at midnight screenings.

Gotta catch this one in theater.

What is a Good Investment During Recession?

Take it from the financial expert, Wilson suggests 4 investment options during an economic recession. As for me, I have no money to invest, so that leaves me no option at all during a recession.

If you are into “Finance”, 21 Wilson Street surely should be a regular read.

Top 5 Reasons to Hate the iPhone 3G

CNET counts down the top 5 reasons to hate the new iPhone 3G.

Hate it or love, I don’t really care. I already have a communicator anyway, a Nokia E51. Naks!


  1. Hey, su! Thanks for reading my post on Money Pakyaw. I hope you aren’t a fan. Actually, I couldn’t care less if you are a fan. Hrhrhrhrhr!

    Incidentally, are you coming home for the centennial in Iloilo? According to Suon Roger Legaspi who’s been nagging us to go, a lot of suons are expected to come out of the woodwork for this one. Even the suon balikbayans.

    Can you just imagine all that free beer….?


  2. Unfortunately su, I won’t be able to come. I wish I could.

    Kay mapuli pa guid ko September. So, anyway, tani may website man kita tapos tanan kita nga bloggers nga suon sa isa lng ka subdomain sang website ta. 😀

  3. Indeed, very true in my case. Without Windows, I could not have been running Ubuntu in my PC right now!

    Maybe it’s because all new PC comes with preinstalled Windows whether you like it or not. Some PC retailers will even put in a pirated version when they could have installed ubuntu on it. anyway, hidlaw man ko maka basa ilonggo ba.

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