Burger King Black

Burger King Japan is offering two new burgers made with black buns, black sauce and black cheese.


Looks interesting, and yummy! I surely want to try one. Continue reading

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Turning Idle Times into Productive Times

What do you do to turn idle times into productive times? Say you’re waiting in line to see the dentist or doctor, or for whatever reason.

At this day and age, good thing we have our smartphones and tablets with us. Of course, you can’t do office works on their meager screens, but at least it is an opportunity to catch up on some readings.


Aside from the Kindle app, I also have the Pocket app where long articles have been saved for offline reading, especially if I’m waiting at a place without a decent internet connection. Otherwise, I’ll browse my Feedly feeds and Facebook and Twitter to catch some mainstream news, or play some top notch online poker.

What about you? What do you do to turn idle into productive times?

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To love at all is to be vulnerable



From: Quickmeme

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Wesley So in Tata Steel Masters 2014

No, chesshive.com is not totally gone.


Photo courtesy of Tata Steel Chess 2014

If you came here looking for the latest news about how GM Wesley So fares so far in the ongoing Tata Steel Masters 2014 tournament in Wijk Aan Zee, you may visit blog.chesshive.com.

Manalo, matalo, kay Wesley So tayo!

Remember that you can also follow Chesshive on Twitter via @chesshive and on Facebook: facebook.com/chesshive.

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Wesley So vs. Boris Gelfand LIVE! in Round 5 of Tata Steel Chess 2014

Watch the game between GM Wesley So and Boris Gelfand LIVE in Round 5 of the 2014 Tata Steel Chess Tournament.

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Game of Thrones Season 4

Game of Thrones Season 4 is coming April 6, 2014. Check out this official trailer.

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Life of a King

Ex-felon, Eugene Brown, establishes a Chess Club for inner city teenagers in Washington, D.C.

Starring Cuba Gooding Jr., this has got to be a must-watch for all chess enthusiasts!

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Successful Transfer of Blog to WordPress.com

After so many years (7 and a half years) of self-hosting this blog, I’ve decided to move it WordPress.com.

That way it would be:

  • Cheaper — I have to spend for the domain mapping ($13) and registration only per year;
  • More Secure — I have 2-step authentication in place;
  • Less Downtime — I suppose, it’s WordPress.com for speaking out loud!
  • Free Storage — I don’t think I’ll be able to use all the free 3GB of allowed images by the service — for the life of this blog.
  • It’s here to stay — Again, I suppose. WordPress has been challenged by so many but it will be here to stay.

I have always aimed for the minimalist design. I’m tired of fully customizing my blog. I just want a simple blog that I can write everything that interests me.

Continue reading

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Inaccurate maps in Android

Just to show you how problematic Android maps and geolocation can often be, I’ve tested the Google Maps app in the iPhone 5s and LG G2 using the same wifi network. And here’s the result.

This is what Android makes out of my current location: Check out the screenshots after the jump »

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The need for a new unique user ID

I need a new unique user ID that’s truly representative of me and at least 8 characters long, to cover all requirements of various online services that I sign up for. Obviously, “deuts” won’t cut it anymore.

It has to be extremely unique so I won’t find it a hassle anymore to be the first to grab the username everytime I sign up for a new service.

Any suggestion is welcome.

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