Why an IPv6 only VPS is not for me

In the world of Virtual Private Servers (VPS), there are affordable options that operate exclusively on the IPv6 protocol. This is because IPv4 addresses are becoming scarcer and more expensive. However, there are a couple of reasons why an IPv6-only VPS might not align with your preferences:

  1. IPv6 Connection Requirement for SSH Access:
    • One of the primary drawbacks of opting for an IPv6-only VPS is the necessity for an IPv6 connection to access and manage the server via SSH (Secure Shell). Unlike traditional IPv4 VPS, IPv6-only VPS requires a compatible IPv6 network infrastructure. This can be a significant hurdle for those who primarily use IPv4 connections.
  2. Docker Limitations with IPv6:
    • If you rely on Docker for your work and projects, it’s important to note that most Docker image repositories today, including Github, do not fully support IPv6 at this time. This means you may encounter challenges when trying to pull container images from repositories if you opt for an IPv6-only VPS.

In summary, while IPv6-only VPS options can be cost-effective and are in line with the trend of IPv6 adoption, they might not align with your personal preferences, especially if you prefer working with IPv4 connections and rely on Docker for your projects. It’s worth considering VPS options that support IPv4 or have dual-stack capabilities to better match your preferences and requirements

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