How to sync Plex with Trakt

There used to be a plugin that seamlessly synchronized Plex library and watch history with Unfortunately, Plex discontinued the plugins feature, and thus leaving its loyal customers, even paying ones, in the dark. Yes, plugins still work, but I don’t think this particular plugin will still work in a fresh instance of Plex.

Of course, there’s the Plex scrobbler made by Trakt, which utilizes the Plex’s Webhooks, but that you need to have a Trakt VIP account to use this. Don’t get me wrong, Trakt is a great service, but I’m not paying $30 per year just for this scrobbler. They already have the vast users’ personal,  movies and TV shows preferences and collections information, those should already pay for the experience. They just need to be creative in order to monetize them.

There are also python scripts, but documentations are so poor, it’s not worth learning python just for that.

There’s a webhook, but it seems to do one way sync only (Plex to Trakt).

So, my questions are why:

  • If Kodi can have a native addon for Trakt sync, why can’t Plex?
  • Why is Trakt the only service that keeps track of your movies and TV shows collection that syncs with Kodi, Plex, Emby or Jellyfin? Where’s the competition?
  • Why Google is not making a service that competes with Trakt? I’m sure there are a lot of user data there that Google can use to enhance their collection.
  • Why Google is not buying Trakt?
  • Why Plex is not buying Trakt?
  • Why Plex can’t have a native library browser, complete with watch history?
  • Why Trakt? Where are the alternatives?

These are the questions that are painfully outstanding. Hopefully, in the near future, we’re not anymore dependent on Trakt.

How to truly change the default email client in Windows 10

Have you encountered installing Microsoft Outlook in your fresh Windows 10 install, only to find it too resource hog for your use case, and thus installing Thunderbird, Mailbird, or any other email client that’s a lot less load to your computer’s meager resources?

Of course, you changed your system settings so that the default email app will be your new email client, just as below:

Apparently, this settings only affects clicks on MAILTO links. Continue reading

GCash and CIMB, Are We Really Ready for Purely Digital Banking?

GCash and CIMB have been aggressively promoting their new digital banking platform they call GSave, with high interest rates (as high as 4% p.a.) to lure in GCash users, especially those they described as unbanked.

But are we Filipinos really ready for digital banking?

Not if there are still glitches in the service by GCash and CIMB. Last weekend, I needed to transfer funds from my GCash account to my bank account at once. I didn’t have have enough funds in my GCash account, thus I needed to withdraw funds from my GSave account. The debit to my CIMB GSave account pushed through, but the credit to my GCash didn’t.

That’s the big problem. People wants to keep some of their funds in regular Savings accounts to cover for their emergency or immediate needs. But if those funds are not available when they need them, it defeats their purpose.

So, to GCash and CIMB, if you want people to embrace this new digital banking revolution, you need to make sure the platform is ready.

How Omni Misleads and Defrauds Customers

I bought this Omni Model AEL-010 from Ace Hardware awhile back. It has been sitting in my living room for a while now. I can’t totally recall when exactly I bought this nor the Ace Hardware branch I purchased it from, not the actual price I paid it for. But it’s been a while — it could have been 6 months, it might even have been a year.

Now, in preparation for the for Typhoon Tisoy, I tried recharging this OMNI LED Emergency Light. Plugged it to the wall socket for like 8 hours. But when I unplugged and tested, it won’t turn on now.

It turns on fine while plugged, but not when I unplug. Thus, I searched around about this product. And this is the revelation about this good Omni Emergency Light: Continue reading

How Apple Could Bring Back the Glory to the iPhone?

As soon as the iPhone 11 series of iPhones hit the shelves in September, rumors about the next iPhones hit the rumor mill, like the new offerings don’t at all tickle the fancy of most people, the normal iPhone users and tech bloggers (and vloggers) alike. After all, except for the triple rear camera configuration, not much has changed in the design department from the previous iPhone.

MacRumors suggests there will still remain 3 varieties of the iPhone next year, and following this year’s naming convention, they’ll be called the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max, shunning away from the S-intermediary name.

iMore is saying Apple might bring back the metal frame just like that in the iPhone 4. That metal frame is iconic. I used to own an iPhone 4, and I loved it. I would have kept using that phone if not for its outdated specs.

The iconic iPhone 4

According to SBD, there is a good chance that the new iPhone generation brings in a 3D camera. I wonder if Apple will once again lead the innovation in the smartphone arena with this feature, if ever this comes to fruition.

Of course, we can’t ignore the obvious — 5G connectivity. Telcos might not be ready with the widespread connectivity given their current infrastructure, but Apple wouldn’t want to wait that long to keep in line.

For me, though, I liked the idea of a metal frame iPhone. Also, what kept the iPhone ahead of its competition in the past, in my opinion, is the idea of One iPhone to rule them all. I mean, if you get an iPhone, you get the iPhone. If you’re a little short in your budget, you get the older earlier versions.

Lastly, the price. It’s hard for me to stomach paying for a phone for more than $1,000. With how the market received the iPhone 11 series prices, as reflected in their sales figure, Apple should know better next time.

What Happens Now to Tumblr?

It has been like 3 months since Matt Mullenweg announced that Automattic acquired Tumblr. Until now, though, I have not seen any developments in my Tumblr Dashboard, nor any announcement for plans by Automattic on what to actually do with Tumblr. So what now? What current Tumblr functionalities will be dropped, and which WordPress features will be added?