Actual Budget is the opensource selfhosted alternative to YNAB


I used to love YNAB (You Need A Budget), especially the classic desktop version, because of its fantastic features. The app’s zero-based budgeting system, real-time synchronization, and comprehensive financial reports were indispensable in managing my finances effectively. However, when YNAB transitioned to a cloud-only version and stopped supporting the classic desktop app, the sync became spotty. Additionally, the price of YNAB eventually turned me off, prompting me to look for a more affordable alternative. That’s when I discovered Actual Budget, a free and open-source option that offers similar functionalities.

Overview of YNAB

Key Features:
– Zero-based budgeting system
– Goal tracking and progress visualization
– Real-time synchronization across devices
– API for data extraction to tools like Power Query and Power Pivot
– Native mobile (Android and iOS) apps …