Why Dokuwiki is Still Better Than Bookstack in 2024

When it comes to choosing a documentation platform, two popular options often come to mind: Dokuwiki and Bookstack. Both have their strengths and unique features, but for many users, Dokuwiki still holds a superior edge. Here’s a detailed comparison of the two, highlighting why Dokuwiki remains a better choice for many.

Advantages of Dokuwiki

1. Extensive Plugin and Template Support

  • Extensions via Plugins: Dokuwiki boasts a vast array of plugins that extend its functionality, making it highly customizable.
  • Themes and Templates: Users can easily change the look and feel of their wiki with numerous themes and templates available.

2. User-Friendly Editing

  • Section Editing: Unlike Bookstack, Dokuwiki allows users to edit sections of a page rather than the entire page, making it more efficient for large documents.
  • ImgPaste Plugin: With the ImgPaste plugin, users can paste screenshots directly from the clipboard into the editor.

3. Advanced Content Management

  • Deep Page Hierarchy: Dokuwiki supports more than four levels of page hierarchy, offering better organization compared to Bookstack’s shelves, books, chapters, and pages.
  • Code Syntax Highlighting: It supports code syntax highlighting out-of-the-box, essential for technical documentation.

4. Enhanced Features

  • Automatic Table of Contents: The Nspages plugin can automatically create a table of contents for the entire wiki.
  • Configurable PDF Export: The dw2pdf plugin provides a more beautiful and configurable PDF export compared to Bookstack.
  • Native Footnotes and Acronyms: Dokuwiki supports adding footnotes and acronyms natively.

5. Backup

  • Easy Backup: Dokuwiki offers straightforward backup solutions for pages and media, ensuring data safety.

Notable Dokuwiki Plugins for Improved Workflow

  • CSV Plugin
  • Display Orphans Plugin
  • Todo Plugin
  • Dw2Pdf Plugin
  • EditTable Plugin
  • Include Plugin
  • Move Plugin
  • Note Plugin
  • Nspages Plugin
  • OrphanMedia2 Plugin
  • Pagelist Plugin
  • QnA Plugin
  • SMTP Plugin
  • BackupTool Plugin

Why Use Bookstack?

Despite the advantages of Dokuwiki, Bookstack also offers several compelling features:

1. Centralized Documentation

  • Single Source of Truth: Bookstack consolidates all documentation in one place, avoiding the chaos of scattered Word documents in SharePoint folders.

2. Robust Security

  • Authentication and Role-Based Permissions: These features ensure only authorized users can access or edit specific content.
  • Book/Chapter/Page Permissions: Granular control over who can view or edit each part of the documentation.

3. Modern Editing and Interface

  • Markdown and WYSIWYG Editing: Offers both editing options to cater to different user preferences.
  • Dark and Light Modes: Enhances user experience with customizable interface themes.

4. Enhanced Usability

  • Powerful Search Function: Makes finding documents easy and quick.
  • Drag and Drop Word (.docx) Documents: Simplifies content import.
  • Movable Pages, Chapters, and Books: Allows reorganization without breaking internal links.

5. Additional Features

  • Built-In Diagrams.net Drawing Capability: Simplifies the creation of diagrams within the platform.
  • Export to HTML and PDF: Facilitates sharing and offline access.
  • Built-In Commenting System: Enhances collaboration.

6. Embedding and Linking

  • Embed Pages Within Pages: Like Dokuwiki’s Include plugin, this feature allows embedding one page within another, ensuring consistent content updates.
  • Linking Pages Without Breaking Links: Ensures internal links remain intact even after moving pages.


Both Dokuwiki and Bookstack are powerful documentation platforms with their own sets of features. Dokuwiki excels in flexibility and customization with its extensive plugin and template support, deep page hierarchy, and user-friendly editing capabilities. On the other hand, Bookstack offers a more centralized and modern approach with robust security features and a user-friendly interface.

For users seeking a highly customizable, flexible, and deeply hierarchical documentation platform, Dokuwiki remains the superior choice. However, for those who prefer a centralized, secure, and modern documentation system with powerful search and editing options, Bookstack is a strong contender.

Choose the platform that best suits your documentation needs and workflow to ensure efficient and organized content management.

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