When I’ll be ready for another round of Distro hopping

I’ve been a Distro-hopper, like 14 years ago, especially when I was new to Linux. I’ve tried and tested a good number of distributions: if you found them on the front of Distrowatch back then, there’s a good chance I have tried them out. Since then, my computers may have become a lot more powerful, but if I really needed to install one, I limited my selection to more reliable systems, like Ubuntu and its derivatives, like Xubuntu, Lubuntu and Mint.

But now, I’m inclined to do another round of Distro-hopping once again, and here are the distributions on the top of my list:

  • Manjaro
  • Pop!
  • Zorin
  • Elementary

Any other distros I’ve missed?

Bullet Points: WordPress 2.6, Dark Knight, Investments, iPhone 3G

Deuts.NET Related News

Deuts.NET is breaking records after records as regards pageviews and visits after I posted about RA 9504. But unfortunately, only a few bothered to leave a comment.

Windows and Linux

Windows is great…
I used it to download Linux!

Indeed, very true in my case. Without Windows, I could not have been running Ubuntu in my PC right now!

One thing is for sure, it could not be the other way around.

WordPress 2.6

WordPress 2.6 is out and I just upgraded Deuts.NET to the latest version. Every blogger recommends that you should wait a bit longer before upgrading your WordPress intall so that bugs can be fixed first before you actually deploy it in your blog. I say, who would find those bugs in the first place if everybody doesn’t want to try those out. Every version has beta and RC’s before the final release, for users to test and report bugs. Final releases should have been proven and tested. If you are worried about bugs and glitches, even though you actually have the time to do the dirty work of upgrading, then don’t upgrade at all.

Quick Online Tips enumerates the 10 best new features of WordPress 2.6.

Dark Knight’s Record Midnight Madness

The latest Batman movie, inspiring thousands of sold-out screenings and countless desperate hunts for seats, grossed a record $18.5 million at midnight screenings.

Gotta catch this one in theater.

What is a Good Investment During Recession?

Take it from the financial expert, Wilson suggests 4 investment options during an economic recession. As for me, I have no money to invest, so that leaves me no option at all during a recession.

If you are into “Finance”, 21 Wilson Street surely should be a regular read.

Top 5 Reasons to Hate the iPhone 3G

CNET counts down the top 5 reasons to hate the new iPhone 3G.

The Fedora Experience

FedoraI’m currently in fedora. And I’m starting to like it.

My taste of Linux started with the Ubuntu experience. Then when my wireless card failed to work with the latest version Hardy, I tried PCLinuxOS and then OpenSuse. Some more disappointments with Suse and I found myself downloading the latest release of Fedora (Fedora 9, Sulphur).

My wireless card didn’t initially work with the live media booting from the cd, but worked like a breeze when it was installed into the harddrive. And now I’m liking the interface (with GNOME). Two concerns:

  • Installing Adobe Flash Plugin for Firefox – which you really can’t install from within Firefox. You’ll need to install it manually. No problem, though, with some tutorials in the web like this link, which also includes other items one may want to install.
  • Desktop Effects – It looks like my hardware (NVIDIA) does not work with the new xorg. No problem, though. I just can’t have that eyecandy effect yet, which I don’t really care. It’s just aesthetic.

So, for all ye Linux fans out there, the new Fedora is surely a great fresh release distro to try out.

The Heron Refused to Fly

Honestly, I’m disappointed with the latest release of Ubuntu, the Ubuntu 8.04 LTS otherwise known as Hardy Heron.

I became quite excited when the final version was about to be released. As soon as it was available, I didn’t waste time and downloaded it at once. Installed the same over the previous version (v7.10, Gutsy Gibbon) in the extended partition.

However, much to my disappointment, my wireless network card didn’t work!

The Ubuntu Experience

I’ve been tinkering with my laptop for the last week or so, and finally I was able to dual boot with Linux Ubuntu (Gutsy Gibbon v. 7.10) and Windows XP Service Pack 2. The result of which, as I was trying to show in my last post, is an OS X desktop look:

Deuts Desktop

I’ve searched the web for any help on how to do it, and so far the tutorial by Shailen Sobhee offered the greatest help, especially with the ability to choose at which operating you want to boot upon start up. I just wished though that from the start (not just in the comments section), he should have offered the procedures on how to partition (using the Paragon Partition Manager) the original Windows installation, that way I could have avoided losing my original installation (you see, I’m running a packaged Windows XP software into my machine with a systems recovery partition). Anyway, if you follow his tutorial, I suggest that you read through including the comments to know better. Nevertheless, it was a good and informative tutorial.

Blogging in Ubuntu

My Ubuntu Desktop
Screenshot of my desktop in Ubuntu. Click on image to enlarge.

I have always been considering switching to Linux, specifically Ubuntu. See my last post about it. You ask why, it’s the freedom from the various Windows restrictions and the furtherance of a free society. I actually found this link through Fr. Stephen Cuyos’ entry.

The Experience

I was yet trying out with the Live CD, and have not yet installed in my system. As such, I could not yet tell whether what they say that it’s faster to boot as compared to Windows is true. …

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