The Heron Refused to Fly

Honestly, I’m disappointed with the latest release of Ubuntu, the Ubuntu 8.04 LTS otherwise known as Hardy Heron.

I became quite excited when the final version was about to be released. As soon as it was available, I didn’t waste time and downloaded it at once. Installed the same over the previous version (v7.10, Gutsy Gibbon) in the extended partition.

However, much to my disappointment, my wireless network card didn’t work!

Mine was a built-in Intel(R) Pro 3945ABG Wireless Connection in my HP Pavilion dv5000. The Wifi LED doesn’t light up and the hardware does not appear in the Restricted Drivers list. Note, everything worked perfectly while I was in Gutsy Gibbon.

I know there are solutions offered on how to go about this problem, just like here, here, here, here and here. But from the way I look at it, they are simply hacks and not stable enough to warrant a permanent solution.

I could have simply re-installed Gutsy, but I guess I just got bored of downloading again the updates that stacked up since it was released long ago. So here I am grabbing a taste of every other distros that I can get my hands to, hopping from one distro to another. Currently, I’m running OpenSuse.

I’ve also tried PCLinuxOS, which I plan to keep when the latest version comes out, and until a permanent solution comes to the fore regarding my wireless card problem.

Until then, I’ll surely miss Ubuntu, especially the very active community I can always refer to when I needed help.

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