1. I don’t want to “Mod” my PS3 into a Ubuntu operating system. PS3’s are for gaming and PC’s are for Windows/Ubuntu/Macs.

    “If it ain’t broke, Don’t fix it”

  2. I understand your feeling. I’d be reluctant to do it as well actually if ever I have my own PS3. If you really want to enjoy your gadget, you might to use it for its own purpose.

    Just like in cellphones. Some people are just looking for a cellphone that does it all, and does it “best”, from camera, to mp3 player, etc.. I say, “O c’mon!”. You can’t really expect a cellphone that’s primarily intended for communication as an alternative to a great camera. I mean if you want high quality image, get a DSLR, if you want great flexibility with high memory audio player, get an iPod!

    There are dedicated gadgets for intended purposes, you can’t expect them all from a cellphone.

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