The Fedora Experience

FedoraI’m currently in fedora. And I’m starting to like it.

My taste of Linux started with the Ubuntu experience. Then when my wireless card failed to work with the latest version Hardy, I tried PCLinuxOS and then OpenSuse. Some more disappointments with Suse and I found myself downloading the latest release of Fedora (Fedora 9, Sulphur).

My wireless card didn’t initially work with the live media booting from the cd, but worked like a breeze when it was installed into the harddrive. And now I’m liking the interface (with GNOME). Two concerns:

  • Installing Adobe Flash Plugin for Firefox – which you really can’t install from within Firefox. You’ll need to install it manually. No problem, though, with some tutorials in the web like this link, which also includes other items one may want to install.
  • Desktop Effects – It looks like my hardware (NVIDIA) does not work with the new xorg. No problem, though. I just can’t have that eyecandy effect yet, which I don’t really care. It’s just aesthetic.

So, for all ye Linux fans out there, the new Fedora is surely a great fresh release distro to try out.

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