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My Ubuntu Desktop
Screenshot of my desktop in Ubuntu. Click on image to enlarge.

I have always been considering switching to Linux, specifically Ubuntu. See my last post about it. You ask why, it’s the freedom from the various Windows restrictions and the furtherance of a free society. I actually found this link through Fr. Stephen Cuyos’ entry.

The Experience

I was yet trying out with the Live CD, and have not yet installed in my system. As such, I could not yet tell whether what they say that it’s faster to boot as compared to Windows is true.

One thing is definite, though. It’s just simply COOL!

In my current machine, when I’m running on Windows XP, I had this problem with my keyboard. It seems that I needed to press the keys/buttons very well to ensure that they type correct. Otherwise, I miss some characters/alphabet. That was a problem for me particularly since I type fast. As a matter of fact, even though I plug a wireless keyboard into this laptop, the same appears to be the issue. I’m sure it was not (the wireless keyboard) a defective device. The problem was with my machine, or maybe my OS. Now, while I’m trying out Ubuntu, that problem seems to be gone. The problem I’m experiencing with Ubuntu is the mouse pad appears to be more sensitive that I always misplace my cursor as I type. That thing, of course, can be surely resolved with the wireless keyboard and the wireless mouse.

Making the Switch

I’ll definitely make the switch, either having a dual boot in my current machine or I’ll purchase a cheap computer solely for Ubuntu. I don’t think I can totally forego Windows. Why? What about my normal workflow? I’m sure I can study and use Open Office in the stead of Microsoft Office. But what about Photoshop, for example? Of course there is GIMP, and it is a very powerful image manipulation software, but that surely requires a steep learning curve.

What about my licensed softwares like the Norton Anti-Virus, Feeddemon (as a desktop feed reader), etc? What about my favorite games, like Fritz 10, etc? Yeah, the switch needs to be gradual.


Go open source!


  1. I’m glad your trying Linux.


  2. Yeah, it’s that I’m worried I may not be able to use my favorite applications. 🙂

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