The Flickr Way

I have always regarded flickr as a social photo sharing site. As a matter of fact it is, indeed. It’s a place where you can comment on other people’s photos while they can comment as well in yours. It’s one major factor why I upgraded to a “pro” account (well, actually someone purchased it for me.LOL)

But, what if another flickr user blocked you from his photostream?

The heck with that! I’ll just unsubscribe to his photostream. You find me annoying? I’m not going to visit that stream again! You’re just recycling your photos, anyway. You’ll see the same photo uploaded long ago coming back to the front page.

You think you’re a better photographer than me? Probably, yes. In fact, yes! You’re a professional making a living out of it, while I’m just a lowly amateur hobbyist. But from this moment on, you’ll no longer be my idol. 🙁

Do you think this is a rant? No way. I’m laughing out of it. The thing is, I don’t really care! 🙂

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