When WordPress is Getting Bloated

It has been discussed in some forums, blogs and in the comments:

There are certainly features in WordPress that I don’t particularly use. And I believe a lot of users are not using them as well. Yet, these features are in the core, and we can’t even avoid them.

Take the case for example of multiple users login and api/xml-rpc. A lot of WordPress blogs are run by only one person and are posting through the web admin backend, and yet a whole lot of security fixes and patches are done on this area.

I have this strange idea, why don’t Automattic (the developers behind WordPress) offer a “core only” installer on one hand, with the other functionalities available as plugins for download (e.g., multiple users/login, api/xml-rpc, gallery, automatic upgrade, etc.) that are fully supported throughout the life of the core-meaning, duly updated once upgrades are available to the core, and a “full installer” on the other hand.

Take the case for example of the wysiwyg editor, I don’t use it, I hope they just offer it as a plugin/addon.

Just imagine how many lines of code were saved without the features we don’t normally use, and drastically slim down the base system.

Well, that was just an idea.

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  1. i 100% totally agree with you chief.

    some of the features just add up to the weight, whether it be bandwidth or just plain ol’ file size…

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