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Distinctive Service

Authentication Department

This is the daily picture at the Authentication Department of the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines. One who arrives at around 11am will get his way to the end of the line by 4:30pm. Then, you have to come back the next day to get your results.

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Blogger Example

It seems like edz_raya has yet more to learn from his master (LOL). Well, if you are to make reference to a person especially if that person has a homepage of his/her own, you should at least insert a hyperlink to his/her website. That is just common blogger practice.

Announcement: Sagada Pics

In order to save on my bandwidth and web storage space, I used the tools and services available at flickr and mykards. The Sagada Pics are now available here instead.

For those who have already used or saved the links: or

please make the proper correction for the new link now is:

Updates: all pictures are only available in my photo set in flickr. Please disregard the links above.

Cellphone for Sale

Nokia 3230iiiA friend, Barnard Vargas (Jay-R), is looking for prospective buyers of his outdated cellphone (Nokia 3230iii). Auction price starts at PhP5,000. Just post your comments here if you want to bid. Deadline for bidding is on June 15, 2006.