Serenity and Peace

Imagine that deep blue sky, the white cotton clouds, the beach with the powder-fine sand, a lazy late-afternoon walk along the beach lines–miles away from the busy life in Makati.

It could only be perfect!

Announcement: Sagada Pics

In order to save on my bandwidth and web storage space, I used the tools and services available at flickr and mykards. The Sagada Pics are now available here instead.

For those who have already used or saved the links: or

please make the proper correction for the new link now is:

Updates: all pictures are only available in my photo set in flickr. Please disregard the links above.

Pinoy Travel Blog Sagada Feature

An entry in Pinoy Travel Blog talks about their own Sagada experience. Pictures are available there as well.

On their way to the “Big Falls”, it appears that they took the same way we did. Though, do you think the experience was the same?

Well, why don’t we just let the pictures decide for themselves??…..:)LOL..

Click on the image to find out…..:)

Update: Please check my flickr photos for the pictures.

Sagada Pictures

Check the pictures here.

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Sorry, no more flash presentation, just check out my flickr set in the link above to view the pictures.

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