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SmugMug acquires Flickr

USA Today reports:

Flickr has been snapped up by Silicon Valley photo-sharing and storage company SmugMug, USA TODAY has learned.

SmugMug CEO Don MacAskill told USA TODAY he’s committed to breathing new life into the faded social networking pioneer, which hosted photos and lively interactions long before it became trendy.

Whoa. This blog is old enough to have witnessed and experienced Flickr in its heyday. But now, I can’t even remember the last time I logged in into my Flickr account. (On that note, I can’t remember as well when I last used my Canon EOS 30D.) My latest photos in there were reposts from my Instagram.

Have we come to a point where we don’t care anymore who owns Flickr?

Yahoo! Sold to Verizon


I thought I’ve seen this coming. Techcrunch reports:

After a months-long bidding process and many layoffs, Yahoo has finally found a buyer. Verizon (which owns AOL, which owns TechCrunch) is officially acquiring Yahoo’s core business for $4.83 billion in cash, which includes Yahoo’s advertising, content, search and mobile activities.

I just hope the new owner, Verizon, will be able to turn Yahoo! around. At the very least, I hope they can salvage what was left of it, especially those that were once great like Tumblr and Flickr, among others.

The Day that Yahoo! was Doomed

The Rise and Fall of Yahoo! Infographic (click image to view the full infographic)

We have seen an interesting infographic about the rise and fall of Yahoo!, detailing the timeline at which the big media giant/search engine/web portal rise from scratch and the start of its downfall.

We knew about the demise of Geocities. Back in the day when blogging was new, Yahoo! was acquiring big services like Del.icio.us, MyBlogLog (I’ve introduced MyBlogLog back then, describing it an awesome social networking service for bloggers), and Flickr.

In the ensuing years after the acquisitions, Delicious has offered not much improvements in the service despite the start of a growing competition like StumbleUpon, etc., and its blog full of spam comments. MyBlogLog on the other had invited a lot of spammers, and they’ve done nothing to bring order in the service. Flickr, well, they’ve been into a lot of controversies.

Now, Delicious is for sale (at least contrary to earlier reports that it’ll be shut down), MyBlogLog is shutting down, and Flickr, well, we still have to wait further developments.

Paul Graham, being once an insider, offered his better insights about What Happened to Yahoo!. Continue reading

Announcement: Sagada Pics

In order to save on my bandwidth and web storage space, I used the tools and services available at flickr and mykards. The Sagada Pics are now available here instead.

For those who have already used or saved the links:
https://deuts.net/glimpse/sagada/index/ or

please make the proper correction for the new link now is:

Updates: all pictures are only available in my photo set in flickr. Please disregard the links above.

Sagada Pictures

Check the pictures here.

This is a flash presentation. You may use the navigation keys at the lower right hand corner, or, press enter to play, right and left arrow keys to move forward and backward, respectively.

Sorry, no more flash presentation, just check out my flickr set in the link above to view the pictures.