The Day that Yahoo! was Doomed

The Rise and Fall of Yahoo! Infographic (click image to view the full infographic)

We have seen an interesting infographic about the rise and fall of Yahoo!, detailing the timeline at which the big media giant/search engine/web portal rise from scratch and the start of its downfall.

We knew about the demise of Geocities. Back in the day when blogging was new, Yahoo! was acquiring big services like, MyBlogLog (I’ve introduced MyBlogLog back then, describing it an awesome social networking service for bloggers), and Flickr.

In the ensuing years after the acquisitions, Delicious has offered not much improvements in the service despite the start of a growing competition like StumbleUpon, etc., and its blog full of spam comments. MyBlogLog on the other had invited a lot of spammers, and they’ve done nothing to bring order in the service. Flickr, well, they’ve been into a lot of controversies.

Now, Delicious is for sale (at least contrary to earlier reports that it’ll be shut down), MyBlogLog is shutting down, and Flickr, well, we still have to wait further developments.

Paul Graham, being once an insider, offered his better insights about What Happened to Yahoo!.

One thing is certain about all this, though, that Yahoo! is doomed. Every service they purchased are bound to fail, however great, awesome and unique that service to start with.

Even the self-built services by Yahoo! have already failed as well (remember Yahoo! 360?). So we are likely counting a few years (or even months, maybe) to see the end of services like Yahoo! Groups, and ultimately Yahoo! Mail.

What a bold statement huh? Write your reaction below.

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