Tumblr2WP: A WooThemes Tumblr Exporter

I have mentioned earlier two alternatives in migrating your Tumblr blog to WordPress, both of which are not so ideal solution — I’ve concluded. WooThemes recently has come up with their new tool, a free utility to help you with the same migration, the Tumblr2WP.

Tumblr2WP makes it super simple to transfer your Tumblr content to your own, self-hosted WordPress install.

This tool will create a WXR (WordPress eXtended RSS) file from your tumblr site which can be imported into WordPress.

With the introduction of the Custom Post Formats in the new WordPress 3.1, it just makes it more compelling to switch blogging from Tumblr to WordPress instead. WPBeginner has come up with the Pros and Cons of using this utility to transfer your Tumblr blog to WordPress. However, what he failed to mention was it ain’t a perfect utility. The fact is it ain’t even close.

I tried using the migration tool and the following are my observations:

  • Media files like photos are not imported into your own upload directory in your own WordPress install;
  • Worse, all media files including photos and videos are not presented at all in the body of the posts;
  • It can only be cool tool if you keep a text-only blog, which definitely is the least reason why you maintained a blog at Tumblr in the first place. Tumblr is more about media, right?

So, until now, we’re still on the lookout to that ideal solution for migrating a Tumblr blog to WordPress. Until then, I’ll let The Unstatement face its blemished fate.

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