Distinctive Service

Authentication Department

This is the daily picture at the Authentication Department of the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines. One who arrives at around 11am will get his way to the end of the line by 4:30pm. Then, you have to come back the next day to get your results.

Thousands of Filipinos are joining that queue each day, which supports the statistics showing that around 3,000 Filipinos are leaving for abroad everyday.

I wonder why they have not yet even devised a plan to get rid of that daily scene at their office. Surely, there has to be a better and more efficient way to handle those authentication procedures. One need not waste his/her entire day just to complete the process at that lousy place.

I can hear Yano music playing in my head:

…walang efficiency
mga government employee….

2 thoughts on “Distinctive Service”

  1. Ito ang mga klase ng sistema na dapat baguhin ng ating gobyerno! Kawawang Pinoy, sana nagamit sa mas makabuluhang bagay ang pagpila nya ng napakahabang oras!

  2. Mind you. The queue at the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) is another story. And also, at the embassy, they are a total pain in the a55! A total waste of time!

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