Sherwin Rocks! Sherwin Rulez!


One of my avid readers requested that this picture of him be featured in one of my entries. Well, there it is!

His name is Sherwin Sampang. A graduate of Far Eastern University, joined the firm in early 2001 and now on secondment under the GDP program to Boston, US of A.

According to Sherwin, it took them five takes in order to grab this really magnificent picture. I just did some tweaking with it in Photoshop.

So what do you think? Is that an auditor in the picture, or just some punk rocker promoting his wasted album?

7 thoughts on “Sherwin Rocks! Sherwin Rulez!”

  1. Namputsa parang lumilipad sa ere ah! Hayop ka talaga sa Preng Tuvillo! Patapon naman ng ibang talino!

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