Cellphone for Sale

Nokia 3230iiiA friend, Barnard Vargas (Jay-R), is looking for prospective buyers of his outdated cellphone (Nokia 3230iii). Auction price starts at PhP5,000. Just post your comments here if you want to bid. Deadline for bidding is on June 15, 2006.

4 thoughts on “Cellphone for Sale

  1. nosy

    WHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT???????!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5K?! you can purchase a brand new fone of this model at 4K+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. barn

    maybe u r referring to N3230i, this is N3230iii upgraded 3 times! It’s the latest of its kind! GOT IT?!

  3. deuts Post author

    Isn’t that supposed to be obvious? The deadline for the submission of bid offers was June 15, 2006. By today, the item for sale is not available for sale anymore….:lol:


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