Celtics and Lakers, Reliving the Rivalry

I initially wagered for a Celtics-Spurs NBA Finals. But unfortunately the other day, the Lakers beat the Spurs to advance to the 2008 NBA Finals. Eventually, my reason for looking forward to an exciting NBA Finals started to dwindle.

Celtics vs. Lakers

But today I realized the Finals won’t be that boring after all. On the contrary, this could be the most interesting NBA Finals since the turn of the century as the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers relive their rivalry over the hardcourt.

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The Celtics Up for the Challenge?

At the rate at which the current Boston Celtics is going (29-3, or 90.6% winning percentage), it is very much likely that it will beat Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls record of 72-10 (72 wins and 10 losses, 87.8% winning percentage) in 95-96 season.

Boston Celtics

Let’s start out a discussion. Have the Celtics been that good with their three superstars in the person of Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett?

How would you compare the Allen-Pierce-Garnett trio vs. Jordan-Pippen-Rodman(?)? Can the Boston Celtics live up to the fans’ expectations? If ever the Celtics could pull down the Bulls’ record, can they be able to successfully snatch the crown from powerhouse Spurs?

Let’s also compare individual stats:

Sports Photography: Take One

This was my first try at sports photography. I needed a fast shutter speed to freeze the action. However, the venue was at the Philippine Navy Gymnasium in Fort Bonifacio, whose only source of light was from the windows, which could also serve as a harsh background when framing directly towards them.

Sports World

How I did it

Because of the limited amount of light entering the gymnasium, I bumped up the ISO to 1600, and set the camera mode to shutter priority (Tv). I noticed that a shutter speed of 1/250 of a second is not enough to freeze the hard packed action, so I increased it a third increment to 1/320 sec. Then I tried positioning myself on a higher ground while avoiding shooting directly against the windows.

A lot of my pictures were underexposed, so I just adjusted them in photoshop, which contributed more (ISO 1600, remember?) in a lot of noise in the pictures.

More Pictures






Visit my flickr photo set to view more pictures.

Kevin Garnett to Boston

Now, I’m wondering what Sherwin has to say about this:

BOSTON, July 30 (AP)– Kevin Garnett is leaving Minnesota after the Boston Celtics agreed to acquire the All-Star forward in a multiplayer trade with the Timberwolves, a Celtics official told The Associated Press on Monday.

Among the players who could be headed to Minnesota are forward Al Jefferson, guard Sebastian Telfair, swingman Gerald Green and center Theo Ratliff. (Source)

With Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, will it translate to a powerhouse Boston Celtics?

The NBA Live 2007 is Gaining Speed

It can be noticed that my entry on NBA Live 2007 – The Final Straw is gaining speed in my Most Popular Posts. It is now third on that list.

I was even surprised to have an unknown commentator trying to voice out his disappointment with the game. Unknown in the sense that I don’t know him personally. But of course, everyone is most welcome (except spammers) to comment here!

This wonder led me to investigate more how did he find out about my site. Then, I found out that:

  • If you google search for a keyword “NBA Live 2007 bugs”, you’ll find my site third in the google search results page.
  • If you google search for a keyword “NBA Live 2007 glitches”, you’ll find my site seventh in the google search results page (fifth, if you exclude the indented lists).

So, how does this make sense? Is my site really that popular? (Hehe) Well, I can offer a reason for this though. Maybe I was just the only blogger to touch on the topic of the glitches and bugs of NBA Live 2007, plus some makulit commentators and die-hard NBA (Live) Fans like Lou Franz and Percival who are leaving those comments, adding to the popularity of the post.

Anyway, thank you to all who have left comments! And Happy 2007!

Doha 2006 Basketball

In the Finals, it’s Team Qatar versus the powerhouse China, in the Men’s Basketball in the Doha 2006 Asian Games.


We were able to witness the games during the preliminary rounds between China and Japan, and Qatar and South Korea. These are the pictures I’ve taken.


A funny thing happened during the match between China and Japan last Friday (December 8, 2006). Japan was rallying in the first few minutes after the start of the second half–and cut China’s lead to only 6 from as high as 16 points (I think!) in the first half. The crowd, mostly Filipinos, were excited, and chanting—“GINEBRA! GINEBRA! GINEBRA!”

You can just feel the frustration of Filipinos here that there were no representatives for the Philippine Team in the Men’s Basketball.

China won that game. Wang Zhizhi was the highest pointer with 30 points.

On the other hand, in the game between Qatar and Korea, the latter won in overtime. It was the first overtime in the 2006 Asian Games.