Obeertym: a Yahoo! Basketball Fantasy League, Season 2

Locked and loaded! The league is ready for kick-off. 15 teams are in for the battle for their right to the crown. 15 teams, out of which 9 were carried over from the premiere season, while 5 dropped out of the race. 6 new franchises in second season.

Let’s take a look at the progress of the league from the last season. The teams below are ranked according to the standings of the 2008 season. …

The NBA2K10 is Coming October 6, 2009

The latest, the most exciting and the best simulated basketball video game is coming soon. The official release date is slated October 6, 2009, although I’m not sure of the actual date that it will actually hit the video game stores in the country (Philippines).

In case you’re not aware as of yet, last season’s MVP, Kobe Bryant, will grace the cover of this year’s installment of the game. Check out the video trailer below:

I just wish that versions should be available for standard TV just like mine (NTSC format). …

Poll Result: Who’s the Greatest Player to Ever Play Basketball

Our survey, which arose from the heated discussion in Mon’s post, “Michael Jordan: The Greatness of his Airness, came to a close today after running for exactly one month. 52 respondents cast their votes, and here are the results:

  • Michael Jordan – 33 votes – 63%
  • Kobe Bryant – 6 votes – 12%
  • Deuts Ambuscade – 5 votes – 10%
  • Lebron James – 3 votes – 6%
  • Oscar Robertson – 2 votes – 4%
  • Magic Johnson – 1 vote – 2%
  • Larry Bird – 1 vote – 2%
  • Others – Manu Ginobili – 1 vote – 2%

So here it appears Michael Jordan is the clear winner. Of course we haven’t obtained the demographics of the respondents. So we really can’t tell whether MJ is still popular especially to the younger generations who haven’t yet seen him play. …

The ‘Hangtime’ Move by Deuts Ambuscade

Deuts Ambuscade is Brewing Coffee in the Air.

Wearing jersey no. 8, Deuts Ambuscade of the San Antonio Spurs gets past three defenders in this impressive move to the basket.


Okay, not to confuse with the real life NBA, this was just a clip from my favorite Playstation 3 game, the NBA 2k9. Deuts Ambuscade was a created player of mine and a superstar playing for the San Antonio Spurs.

Michael Jordan: The Greatness of his Airness

guest-post-iconThis is a guest post from Raymond.

Below is the text of the same exact email I sent to airjudden. In his/her website, he extensively chronicled points as to why Michael Jordan (MJ) can’t be considered the greatest ever. He shares valuable points and insights to justify his claims. In fact, I think he really wants it to be so encompassing in the guise of highlighting other ballers’ accomplishment but it’s really just so that other not-so-vital tidbits may be included to shatter MJ’s greatness.

The thing is, he obviously shies away from one very significant factor as to why people regard MJ as the best ever – how he has consistently managed to raise his game when it matters the most – on the biggest basketball stage – The NBA Playoffs. Like him, I challenge anyone who can name me a baller who has managed to elevate his game more as the playoffs progresses all the way to the Finals.

There was only one man that could stop Michael Jordan, and that was Michael Jordan
There was only one man that could stop Michael Jordan, and that was Michael Jordan


Accordingly, he ranks four men ahead of MJ as greatest ever. So, one by one, I tried to prove otherwise and establish MJ as the greatest PER my criteria. A criteria, that I think, differentiates greatness from mere talent, luck and biological advantages. …

SMC-PBA Group Making a Mockery of Filipino Basketball Fans

guest-post-iconThis is a guest post from Raymond.

The latest news (or rumors, if you may) from reports, “And the rich get richer, Arwind Santos to SMB?“:

The current PBA finals is still up and running but it seems to be shadowed by the latest possible PBA trade: Arwind Santos to the San Miguel Beermen.

The same star-studded SMB team with arguably no “banko” type players (Bono was a UAAP MVP, Eman is a former no. 1 overall draft pick, and Chris Calaguio is a grizzled veteran), now gets Arwind Santos, MVP candidate for the past 2 seasons and arguably among the top 3 local players in the PBA.

The PBA should just be renamed as San Miguel Corp. Invitational Tournament. This “league” is just making a mockery of the fans’ interest and affection (not to mention their pockets).

Notice how teams would end up bunched up all together after the elimination rounds; practically every team has a fighting chance to make it to the next round (equal marketing exposure). And notice that even if the SMC teams have superior line ups, they don’t end up altogether in the semis, a maximum of two SMC teams just qualify for the semis at any given tournament. Of course, they all belong to one “association”; that’s why non-SMC teams are allowed to have their share of semis exposure just the same. What happens is that the SMC teams are just rotating on who will advance on to the latter rounds from tournament to tournament. …

Barangay Ginebra – The Immortal Team

I have to admit, I was a big fan of Barangay Ginebra in the Philippine Basketball Association, especially the team of the years circa 1996-1998. The team that was immortalized by the songs of Bayang Barrios and Gary Granada. The team whose game results either make or break my day.

Those were the days that I used to watch closely the developments in the league.

As a tribute to my favorite team, here are the songs and a video:

Pag Nananalo Ang Ginebra

Play the song from this page.

Sinusundan ko ang bawat laro
Ng koponan kong naghihingalo
Sa bawat bolang binibitaw
Di mapigilang mapapasigaw

Kahit hindi relihiyoso
Naaalala ko ang mga santo
O San Miguel, Santa Lucia
Sana manalo ang Ginebra

Join My NBA Fantasy League

I created two NBA Fantasy Leagues, one in Yahoo! Sports, and another in

If you are interested to join my leagues, kindly drop me a message below so I can invite you to the tournament. A lot of slots are still available. The more the merrier, as they used to say.

Celtics and Lakers, Reliving the Rivalry

I initially wagered for a Celtics-Spurs NBA Finals. But unfortunately the other day, the Lakers beat the Spurs to advance to the 2008 NBA Finals. Eventually, my reason for looking forward to an exciting NBA Finals started to dwindle.

Celtics vs. Lakers

But today I realized the Finals won’t be that boring after all. On the contrary, this could be the most interesting NBA Finals since the turn of the century as the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers relive their rivalry over the hardcourt.

The Celtics Up for the Challenge?

At the rate at which the current Boston Celtics is going (29-3, or 90.6% winning percentage), it is very much likely that it will beat Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls record of 72-10 (72 wins and 10 losses, 87.8% winning percentage) in 95-96 season.

Boston Celtics

Let’s start out a discussion. Have the Celtics been that good with their three superstars in the person of Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett?

How would you compare the Allen-Pierce-Garnett trio vs. Jordan-Pippen-Rodman(?)? Can the Boston Celtics live up to the fans’ expectations? If ever the Celtics could pull down the Bulls’ record, can they be able to successfully snatch the crown from powerhouse Spurs?

Let’s also compare individual stats:

Sports Photography: Take One

This was my first try at sports photography. I needed a fast shutter speed to freeze the action. However, the venue was at the Philippine Navy Gymnasium in Fort Bonifacio, whose only source of light was from the windows, which could also serve as a harsh background when framing directly towards them.

Sports World

How I did it

Because of the limited amount of light entering the gymnasium, I bumped up the ISO to 1600, and set the camera mode to shutter priority (Tv). I noticed that a shutter speed of 1/250 of a second is not enough to freeze the hard packed action, so I increased it a third increment to 1/320 sec. Then I tried positioning myself on a higher ground while avoiding shooting directly against the windows.

A lot of my pictures were underexposed, so I just adjusted them in photoshop, which contributed more (ISO 1600, remember?) in a lot of noise in the pictures.

More Pictures






Visit my flickr photo set to view more pictures.

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