On LBJ Jumping Ship

guest-post-iconThis is a guest post from Raymond.

Greatness and legendary status entail more than talent. The scenario here is no matter how many titles the Heat may win, LBJ would have some trouble solidly validating and cementing himself as a true leader.

But, if he can totally live with it in the guise of “it’s the team that wins championships”, then it perfectly makes sense cutting corners and hooking up with DWade & Bosh.

MJ, Magic and Larry Legend are really a different breed belonging to a different generation. We can’t totally fault LBJ because he’s just being himself. He’s too self assured (even without a ring at that) that he can afford to jump ship and think that it doesn’t diminish anything at all.

This is a different generation altogether. Remember, even KB insisted on a trade not a few times when LA was in deep sh*t and before they were able to land Gasol for a song.

My point is: True leaders will always be the last person to abandon ship; and the thought wouldn’t even cross their minds. Greatness cannot be hyped. Legends need not be hyped.

So is it just fitting to ask, “What’s there to witness?!” =)

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  1. Bodeck Fernando

    July 16, 2010 at 9:55 am

    MJ, Larry Legend, and Magic had the bravado of demanding to be recognized as the best player on the court (and in the league) at all times, which was often backed up by their play. LBJ cannot be mentioned in the same breath as them. I could never imagine any of them hooking up with other rivals and superstars to form a mega-team. Like what they did in their careers, they worked with the pieces they were given and won championships and individual accolades along the way.

    A king does not ally with a neighboring kingdom to share powers with the incumbent monarchy. No, he surrenders and abdicates his throne, and is subjugated. By leaving Cleveland, LBJ has given up any claim to royalty as The King of the NBA. But even worse, he has gone to a situation where he is not even The Man on his team.

    That being said, LBJ no longer figures in any GOAT discussions. And that is what we have all just Witnessed.

  2. Maybe he was just being humble–by sharing the spotlight with DWade. After all, just like patience, humility is a virtue…LOL!

  3. “He (LBJ)” and “humble” don’t belong in one sentence. That’s what happens when everything’s hyped even before one starts winning; phenomenal talent notwithstanding.

    Lots of ballers can run fast, jump high; and lots more will emerge who can run faster, jump higher. But until they LEAD their pack towards the Larry O’Briens, while scooping away the Maurice Podoloffs and the Bill Russells, that’s the only time greatness and legends are established.

    Watch out for the Orlando Magic this season. This fellow Deuts Ambuscade is the Magic’s secret weapon because miraculously, he’s still in the team’s roster.

    Football is the beautiful game; basketball is simply “DEUTiful!”

    Cue in Joe Marie Chan! =)

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