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Chicago Bulls

As the Chicago Bulls clinched the best record in the 2010-2011 NBA Regular Season, and as the Chicago Bulls reached the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals, this site is breaking record hits/visits from search engines as search results for search queries on “Chicago Bulls”, specifically for image queries. Continue reading

The Jordan Challenge

I’ve just completed the tenth and final challenge in the Jordan Challenge in NBA2K11. Some screenshots follow:

Now, having completed the challenge affords me the ability to have Michael Jordan fill in the roster of any current NBA team I want. Which team do you think should I have him play?

Personally, I think, Michael Jordan ain’t Michael Jordan if he ain’t wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey? Think about Jordan and Derrick Rose teaming up to capture the 2011 NBA crown…

NBA2K11 – A Quick Review

Having been a follower of the NBA2K series since NBA2K9, I can’t help but compare the latest NBA 2K installment, the NBA2K11, to the previous two (i.e., NBA2K10 and NBA2K9).

Of course, besides the NBA2K11 being a special tribute to the greatest basketball player who ever lived with the Jordan Challange feature, there are various improvements including (and especially) the gameplay.

Let me tell you my quick impressions about the game:

Improved Gameplay

I’m the kind of player who enjoys the quality of gameplay more than the superb graphic display and fancy character moves. I like simulating real NBA games—the heart-pounding crunch times, more than the flashing slams and jams.

Initial games I played indicate that the developers made some adjustments to the field goal percentages. Unlike the previous versions where field goal percentages shoot up to the roof, especially when inside the paint, it’s now closer to reality with as low as 35% on bad nights and as high as 60% on great (if not lucky) nights.

A more realistic field goal percentage leads to more realistic number of rebounds per game. Moreover, you can play the actual 12 minutes a quarter without totaling 150 points a night. It can now be closer to real NBA game, like 90 to 110 points per team per game.

There are also a lot of turnover/steal instances, so you just can’t pass around the ball blindly without incurring a ton of turnovers.

New Button Functions

If you can fake a shot when on the offensive, now there’s also a button (i.e.,the circle button [O] in PS3) to fake a pass. This is especially useful when you’re posting up and you fake a pass towards a team mate who cuts the lane.

Also, there were changes in some button functions, like you can now set an alley-hoop with L2+O, instead of L2+X in 2K10.

Layout and Sound

Of course, there are various changes in the layout like to score indicator, the time camera view, and substitution indicators. And some improvements and variety in the commentators’ comments. Also there are new halftime features, upcoming games plugs during quarter breaks, and post-game recaps.

It’s Game Time

Now, enough of blogging ‘coz it’s game time! But if you, fellow gamers, have something to share, what new features you liked or even hated the most about the latest NBA 2K installment, you are welcome to share them in the comments below.

Michael Jordan: The Greatness of his Airness

guest-post-iconThis is a guest post from Raymond.

Below is the text of the same exact email I sent to airjudden. In his/her website, he extensively chronicled points as to why Michael Jordan (MJ) can’t be considered the greatest ever. He shares valuable points and insights to justify his claims. In fact, I think he really wants it to be so encompassing in the guise of highlighting other ballers’ accomplishment but it’s really just so that other not-so-vital tidbits may be included to shatter MJ’s greatness.

The thing is, he obviously shies away from one very significant factor as to why people regard MJ as the best ever – how he has consistently managed to raise his game when it matters the most – on the biggest basketball stage – The NBA Playoffs. Like him, I challenge anyone who can name me a baller who has managed to elevate his game more as the playoffs progresses all the way to the Finals.

There was only one man that could stop Michael Jordan, and that was Michael Jordan

There was only one man that could stop Michael Jordan, and that was Michael Jordan


Accordingly, he ranks four men ahead of MJ as greatest ever. So, one by one, I tried to prove otherwise and establish MJ as the greatest PER my criteria. A criteria, that I think, differentiates greatness from mere talent, luck and biological advantages. Continue reading