Celtics and Lakers, Reliving the Rivalry

I initially wagered for a Celtics-Spurs NBA Finals. But unfortunately the other day, the Lakers beat the Spurs to advance to the 2008 NBA Finals. Eventually, my reason for looking forward to an exciting NBA Finals started to dwindle.

Celtics vs. Lakers

But today I realized the Finals won’t be that boring after all. On the contrary, this could be the most interesting NBA Finals since the turn of the century as the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers relive their rivalry over the hardcourt.

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Kobe Bryant Trade Possibilities

Kobe BryantBy now, you might have already read the news about Kobe Bryant announcing he wants out of LA Lakers. The big question now is, where?

Bill Simmons of ESPN discusses the Seven trade possibilities for Kobe. It’s an interesting article and fun to watch out for….

You can also actually play with the other trade possibilities using ESPN.com’s trade machine.