Fearless Forecast: It’s a ‘Deja Vu’

Fearless forecast: it’s going to be a repeat of the 2008 NBA Finals, in this year’s battle for the crown. New faces, new talents, but they’d better watch out for the dazzling Rajon Rondo.

In a few hours, Game 1 between the LA Lakers and Boston Celtics will begin. Go Boston!

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Mon June 4, 2010 Reply

May the Deuts prophecy be an Ambuscade reality.

deuts June 4, 2010 Reply

@Mon – unfortunately the LA Fakers grabbed the first game! Bwisit!

val June 22, 2010 Reply

boston stinks!

val June 22, 2010 Reply

celtics are slow old and slow


deuts June 22, 2010 Reply

@val — Kobe and the Lakers have just been lucky! LOL!

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