The NBA Live 2007 is Gaining Speed

It can be noticed that my entry on NBA Live 2007 – The Final Straw is gaining speed in my Most Popular Posts. It is now third on that list.

I was even surprised to have an unknown commentator trying to voice out his disappointment with the game. Unknown in the sense that I don’t know him personally. But of course, everyone is most welcome (except spammers) to comment here!

This wonder led me to investigate more how did he find out about my site. Then, I found out that:

  • If you google search for a keyword “NBA Live 2007 bugs”, you’ll find my site third in the google search results page.
  • If you google search for a keyword “NBA Live 2007 glitches”, you’ll find my site seventh in the google search results page (fifth, if you exclude the indented lists).

So, how does this make sense? Is my site really that popular? (Hehe) Well, I can offer a reason for this though. Maybe I was just the only blogger to touch on the topic of the glitches and bugs of NBA Live 2007, plus some makulit commentators and die-hard NBA (Live) Fans like Lou Franz and Percival who are leaving those comments, adding to the popularity of the post.

Anyway, thank you to all who have left comments! And Happy 2007!


  1. Yugs, ako na naman brot. Die-hard fan ba ako?

  2. Yugs! Franz, Jugaertz, Bugok, Nigaka! Iisa lng kaya IP Address kala mo di ko nakikita hah? hehehe

  3. Galing2x mo talaga brot. Anu ba IP ko?

  4. Yugs dayaon! Pinalitan mo ung IP address mo from to! Dayaun! Yan na ba IP address mo? game na?

  5. pasulod sa bank account imong IP address, he he

  6. Si Jamal sasali pa! Hala cge! Musta na ang Carribean?

  7. Ganun pa rin naman ah… oo ah ipasulod sa imung bank account… Draft na kasi para magka alaman na… Itong si Jamal pa Carribean2x na lang, itong si Jorelle pa Qatar2x naman, what can you ask for wahahaha…

  8. Big time, o draft na para mag kaalaman na at ipasulod sa imong bank account…

  9. Law2x ah, game na para magkaalaman at ipasulod sa imung bank account…

  10. Yugs law2x ah pa spamming filter pa

  11. Patalo talaga itong filtering2x na to. Kailangan pang mag register ng account at dalawang account pa kasi yung una ayaw gumana. Pambihira naman o hehehe. Pero oks naman die-hard fan naman ako ng Di ba brot? C jamal ipasulod sa iyang bank account hehehe. Happy New Year naman diyen.

  12. Invite ko kayong lahat sa Addikz community site –

  13. Invite ko kayong lahat sa website ng mga addikz –

  14. Wala talaga mag forum naman kayo.

  15. Yan kc papalit palit ng IP address ayan tuloy na filter ka ng akismet! Buti n lng inisa isa ko muna ung spam comments bago ko dinilit! Lawlaw guid ah! Sugid ta kaw kay Bombo Reno Arcones!

  16. Iverson, miller, kemp, rose, J. oneal, he he

  17. Pssst… Jamal sumagot ka naman sa mga forum… Kemp na naman?… PG Bender, SG Gasol SF Clark PF Long C Diop, di ko na kinuha si Shaq para di halata… Brot baka gusto mo mp3s: Hindi Ako Bakla, Ulam kag Mamaw meron ako dito sabihin mo lang…

  18. cge email mo n lng sakin! lawlaw c bender! retired na!

  19. For everybody’s info, we have a forum at

  20. Anung retired? Galing pa rin yun… Sa nagku control yan… kung lawlaw yung nagku control eh wala alt f4 na lang hehehe…

  21. Lawlaw c bender, at si iverson, at si art long!

  22. Seriouso bla brot (mag tuck in ka nga)… Brot season ako ngayon sa NBA Live 2004, superstar mode… Team ko Utah Jazz… Ba’t ganun 27-0 ako wahahaha… Basta gamepad huwag lang keyboard hehehe…

  23. 35-0 na ngayon…

  24. Yugs lawlaw c Kirilenko!

  25. 39-0 na… Huwag ganyan brot… Walang sweepan…

  26. Tikalon guid tuod!

  27. Tuod ta na ra brot bakit 45-0 na ngayon…

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