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The Desperate Episode

Here is the Desperate Housewives episode that made controversial headlines especially in the Philippines:

Desperate Housewives – Philippine Med Schools


This is an issue of racial descrimination. But what’s my take on this issue?

There are a very few movies or tv series (if there is any, indeed) related to accounting or the lives of professional accountants, very rare is the opportunity to demonstrate the descrimination against Filipino CPA’s or accounting professionals in movies or tv series.

What do you think? hehe

Dear Kuya

Here is the song that OFW’s could especially relate to, Dear Kuya by Sugarfree in their latest album Tala-Arawan.

Dear kuya, kumusta ka na dyan?
Anong balita, malamig ba dyan?
Dito mainit pero kung bumagyo,
Para bang lahat ng tubig sa mundo ay nandito

Matagal na rin, mula nang ika’y magpasyang subukan
ang swerte, at abutin ang yong mga pangarap
Sa ibang bansa kung saan ikaw ay laging mag-isa
kami tuloy dito, nag-aalala

Nasan ka man ngayon, ano mang oras na
ika’y may kailangan, tawag ka lang sa amin
at parang nandito ka na rin

Oo nga pala, kung nasayo pa ang checkered na polo ko,
sa yo na yan.
Hanap kana rin ng maraming mapapaglibangan dahil balita ko
mahal daw ang sine dyan
Dambuhala raw mga pinapakain dyan
tataba ka malamang.
Miss mo bang magtagalog?
Kuya pag may kumausap sayo
galingan mong mag-ingles, galingan mo kuya

Nasan ka man ngayon, ano mang oras na
ika’y may kailangan, tawag ka lang sa amin
at parang nandito ka na rin

Dear kuya, hinahanap ka ni mama at daddy
sulat ka palagi.
Miss ka namin, pati nga kapitbahay nagtatanong
san ka raw nagpunta? san ka raw nagpunta?
Nasan ka na…

This song I dedicate to all my OFW friends and to all Filipinos abroad. My favorite lines:

Dito mainit pero kung bumagyo,
Para bang lahat ng tubig sa mundo ay nandito

and especially:

Kuya pag may kumausap sayo
galingan mong mag-ingles, galingan mo kuya

they just simply make me smile.

For those who have not yet heard of the song, check it out from this link: Dear Kuya – By Sugarfree.

PNP Found Use of Youtube

In an effort to inform the public on how members of syndicates, street criminals and just plain hustlers ply their trade and how not to become victims of crimes, the Philippine National Police has found a good use of youtube.

These are really informative videos. I just wish, though, that these videos find their way broadcasted in mainstream media or more specifically major TV stations, as the latter will find more audience that will most likely fall victims to crimes demonstrated in the videos.

The videos were hosted by P/Supt. Gilbert Cruz and production done in Tagalog or Filipino. Here are some of them:

Criminal Modus Operandi – ATM Scam


Criminal Modus Operandi – Kotong (The Money Shortchange)


Criminal Modus Operandi – Street Actor’s Syndicate


Criminal Modus Operandi – Fake Plate, Sticker and License


The complete set of videos can be watched from here.

The Next Big Thing

According to this youtube video, Iloilo is going to be the next big thing. You next convention destination.

Indeed, Iloilo has so many things in life to offer. Especially now, with so many developments since I left her in 2001. Much more with the advent of the New Iloilo International Airport.

Watch the video:


Bonus Feature

The Iloilo City Heritage Sites:


Accountancy-Related Youtube Videos

Deloitte Tax Level 4
DNN (Deloitte News Network) patterned to that of CNN. I like best the weather report.


Sarbane’s Oxley Film Trailer
What happens when you mix a little corporate misconduct with a lot of misconduct of your own? …Mistresses, Mergers & Mayhem! According to IMDb:

Sarbane’s Oxley is set against the backdrop of today’s top business headlines and highlights the lives affected by the acquisition of a Wall Street technology startup. Robert, a young attorney new to the Wall Street scene, must grapple with his inner conscious and the invisible forces of corruption surrounding him while dealing with the equally challenging and deceptive forces taking hold in his sordid love life


Funny Accountant – Rufus Payne
Accountants One’s 2006 Search for Atlanta’s Funniest Accountant. Rufus Payne, is the comedian/accountant in this clip


And finally, my favorite:

Auditor has the Will to WIn


Stay Music Video

Edwin dropped a comment to our unfinished video uploaded in youtube:

hehehe nakakamiss!

Indeed, we will never forget those days. Those were the moments to remember and cherish…

Malvar, as a reply to the question when will we finish the video, commented that the video will remain “…to be continued…” and incomplete as no one dared to STAY.

Check out the video I posted in youtube more than a year ago (I have not blogged about this before, thus it’s high time to post it here now!):

Link to the youtube video


Listening to NU-107 at

NU 107In as much as I would like to join the Kill Bill’s Browser bandwagon, there are just certain sites that doesn’t support the fantastic firefox.

Just like this one, being outside the country I have been longing to listen to Philippine radio stations, especially my favorite NU 107. I have long visited only to find out the links appear to be broken or defective. Until just today, when I tried accessing it through Bill Gate’s browser, the Internet Explorer, and everything seems fine.

The site uses Windows Media Player to stream the audio from these stations, and it’s only compatible with internet explorer (IE). The thing is the web developer of the site couldn’t even make the site compatible for most web developers’ favorite browser, the mozilla firefox? O c’mon, you can do better than that!