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A Rico-less Rivermaya

It’s actually in the news since last week (Read here). Rico Blanco himself announced the same in his brand new multiply account.

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Rivermaya is one of my favorite Filipino bands, even since the 90’s era. And I’m saddened by this news. Let’s admit it, Rico is a very talented artist, no doubt.

Surely, Rivermaya has survived being Bamboo-less. But, can it further survive being Rico-less?

You Are Not Stallone

slygym.jpgIt seems like Sylvester Stallone is reviving all of his big time movies from the past. At the age of 60, Stallone just simply refused to grow old.

After Rocky Balboa hit the movie world in late 2006, another movie is coming up, entitled…. you guessed it right, it’s “John Rambo”!

A spoiler by IMDB:

Vietnam veteran John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) has survived many harrowing ordeals in his lifetime and has since withdrawn into a simple and secluded existence in Bangkok, where he spends his time salvaging old PT boats and tanks for scrap metal. Even though he is looking to avoid trouble, trouble has a way of finding him. A group of Christian human rights missionaries, led by Michael Burnett and Sarah Miller, approach Rambo with the desire to rent his boat to travel up the river to Burma. Continue reading.

The trailer of the movie in youtube:


Sherwin’s Top 10 Albums

guest-post-iconThis is a guest post from Sherwin.

I’m done with my audit and still assigned to this client for another week. I’m so damn bored. So I decided to kill time and list down my 10 favorite albums of all time. Here it goes:


1. Nevermind – Nirvana
NirvanaNo album had such an overpowering impact on me – I was 13 year old kid who was not interested at music at all when all of a sudden I turned to rock. A few months later, I bought a guitar and started playing. The song “Come as you are” was the first song I learned to play. I also played the song “Lithuim” at an office Christmas party in 2001 – I think I did a good job in impersonating Kurt Cobain. Cobain is a gifted song writer. The 12 songs, which are catchy, melodic and powerful, are stuck in my head like peanut butter in the brain. This album changed my life and millions of other lives.

2. Dirt – Alice In Chains
DirtDirt is AIC’s masterpiece. It is the ultimate drug album of the 90’s. Songs like “Junkhead”, “Sickman”, “Godsmack”, “Angry Chair”, “Hate to Feel” and the title track “Dirt” are about Layne Staley’s drug addiction. Staley died due to drug overdose in 2002. Staley’s vocal gives the album its dark and gloomy feel while Jerry Cantrell’s grinding riffs will make you feel like dirt. This album also includes the hits “Rooster”, “Down in a Hole” and “Would”. I always sing along to all 13 tracks of this album every time it’s playing and yes, including the 43 second song “Iron Gland”.

3. Ten – Pearl Jam
Ten - Pearl JamTen is Pearl Jam’s debut album. The album’s name is based on the jersey number of NBA player Mookie Blaylock, which was also Pearl Jam’s name before Mookie told the band to stop using his name. It’s really hard for me to pick what PJ album to include in my top 10 because I love all 8 studio albums. If it wasn’t for Nevermind and Dirt, this would’ve been number 1. Ten is Pearl Jam’s most commercially successful album selling 15 million copies worldwide and producing the songs “Jeremy”, “Alive” and “Even Flow”.

Listening to this album tears me up sometimes, it’s such an emotional album. Eddie Vedder’s voice is bigger than the Pacific Ocean. You can feel his anger and pain through the songs. Mike McCready’s guitar solos are amazing especially when he plays them live. He plays the solos differently each time. I saw Pearl Jam in 1995 and 2006. I remember skipping school in 1995 to go to Manila (from Tarlac) to watch them. They put on a great show. The 2 shows I’ve seen are probably in the top 10 moments of my life.

4. Superunknown – Soundgarden
SoundgardenSoundgarden has the heaviest sound among the Seattle bands. This album sounds lighter than the previous albums – “Louder Than Love” and “Badmotorfinger”. Although I prefer the old heavy Soundgarden sound, this album is their finest work. It sounds like the old Soundgarden with a touch of the Beatles. One of my favorite songs, “Fell on Black Days”, is in this album. Most of the songs here have alternate tunings (on guitar/bass) so they are pretty hard to play. Singing along with Chris Cornell can cut a nerve in your neck. Listen to Superunknown and you’ll find out what I mean.

5. Temple of the Dog – Temple of the Dog
Temple of the DogTemple of the Dog is collaboration between Soundgarden members Chris Cornell and Matt Cameron and Pearl Jam members Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament and Mike McCready. The album is a tribute to Andrew Wood, lead singer of Mother Love Bone, roommate of Chris Cornell and former bandmate of Gossard and Ament. Eddie Vedder appeared in the song “Hunger Strike”. The duet between Cornell and Vedder is classic. The album also featured Mike McCready’s first guitar solo on the song “Reach Down”. I didn’t know the album existed until I discovered Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Finding it was like finding a gem.

6. Are You Experienced? – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Are You ExperiencedJimi Hendrix is the greatest guitarist ever. No doubt about it. He is number 1 in Rolling Stones Magazine’s greatest guitarist of all time list. I bought a white fender Stratocaster because of him (but I can’t play like him). My uncle introduced me to Hendrix when he found out that I was playing guitar. “Are You Experienced?” was Jimi’s first album and featured his excellent and superb guitar playing skills. This album has 3 versions, I have the US CD version which I think is the best. From “Purple Haze” to “Red House”, every song is worth it.

7. Siamese Dreams – The Smashing Pumpkins
Siamese DreamMy mother bought me this record in 1994 as a birthday gift. The Pumpkins pushed further from Nineties alt-rock to a grander, orchestrated sound with multiple guitar parts, strings and a Mellotron. Loved the guitar parts. It’s the main reason I bought a Digitech Whammy pedal (the guitar effect that was used on most of the guitar solos on this record).

8. Achtung Baby – U2
Achtung BabyI have U2’s 2 Greatest Hits album and owned only 1 studio album & this one. I got this record the same time I got Nirvana’s Nevermind. I don’t really know why I like this album. After listening to it for a number of times, it just grew in me. This disc is packed with hits “Even Better than the Real Thing”, “One”, “The Fly” and “Mysterious Ways”.

9. Back in Black – AC/DC
Back in BlackAC/DC’s first album with singer Brian Johnson after Bon Scott died. It’s strange that they sound the same. Back in Black features a great rhythm section from Malcolm Young and killer lead guitars from Angus Young. Most AC/DC albums have only 1 or 2 hits in them, this album generated AC/DC’s most popular songs “You Shook Me All Night Long”, “Back in Black”, “Shoot to Thrill”, “Hells Bells” and “Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Polution”. A little trivia: The title track “Back in Black” is the first song Kurt Cobain learned to play on guitar.

10. Metallica – Metallica
MetallicaAlso known as the “Black” album, this opened the doors to other Metallica albums and heavy metal music. I’m not too much of a heavy metal guy, the only metal bands I like are Metallica, Pantera and Megadeth. Listening to the black album makes me bang my head naturally.

11. Purple – Stone Temple Pilots
12. Automatic for the People – REM
13. The Downward Spiral – Nine Inch Nails
14. Vs. – Pearl Jam
15. Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols – The Sex Pistols

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Youtube Video Awards

Youtube recently held this Youtube Video Awards 2006, and they have announced the winners already.

2006 was a pioneering year for online video, user-created content and the YouTube community. You let us into your bedrooms, created new forms of entertainment, and radicalized popular culture. Now it’s time to reflect on what a tremendous year it was and recognize the best of the best during the first YouTube Video Awards.

These are actually for original videos by individuals. Awards were given to six videos in six categories. Obviously, ithey’re in youtube. So for the benefit of the readers whose only access to the internet is their office where youtube is blocked, I’ve included a short review of the winning videos below:

Most Creative

Entitled “Here it Goes Again,” a video of four people dancing to the beat of the song that I think is also entitled “Here it Goes Again”. What made this video so unique is that they were dancing to the flow of 8 tread mills running at like 5 kilometers per hour (?). You’ll be amazed by their movements, it must have took them quite some time to practice!


Best Comedy

Smosh Short 2: Stranded – is a story of young man stranded in an island together with two of his friends, where they had nothing to eat, until they decided to just eat each other.


Best Commentary

Hotness Prevails – Well, just listen to this half-naked guy and what he can say and be entertained.


Best Series

Ask a Ninja – In this series, the ninja explains podcasting to people over the age of 12.


Best Music Video

Say It’s Possble – It’s that girl with a guitar playing in front of a camera. It’s cool! She rockz!!!


Most Inspirational

Free Hug Campaign – The video claims to be a true story. He spread the free hug around, maybe for peace or something, I’m not exactly sure.


Most Adorable

Kiwi! – is an animated video of a…well… Kiwi, just like that one you find in a brand of shoe polish…..whatever….the video can actually rival that of walt disney…:)


These are actually the winners in their category. But you can still find the runner-ups just as amazing and entertaining. Head over to the Awards Home for more videos. For me, though, I think I’ll dig deeper into the Most Creative category because I discovered a lot more great videos in there just like the one below:



The Concert under Review

Went to the concert last Thursday. The performance was fine. No, it was great actually.

There were some problems, though, before the show started. The area was basically an open field, meaning people were coming from different directions. But the organizers didn’t anticipate that, or maybe they did anticipate but did nothing to bring the entrance of the audience to a complete coordination. Come 7:30 pm (the show was about to start at 8 pm), the absence of a queue was apparent.

Monoblock chairs (it was an open field, remember) for VVIP’s and VIP’s with tagged numbers at the back of the chairs supposed to correspond to ticket numbers. But some numbers were missing, while some chairs were not tagged, bringing the event to the verge of chaos.

The night was cold. No, it was very cold. It was obvious from the trembling voices of the performers. Sarah Geronimo I presume caught a cold after the show.

Thank God, it didn’t rain, though (yes, there is rain in Qatar, one that could really ruin your day. Look at the Opening Ceremony of the Doha Games 2006. You can read more about the rain in Qatar in Anthony’s blog. It’s a good read, I promise).

Yet, the numbers delivered by the performers, which comprised Sarah Geronimo, Rachelle Ann Go, Christian and Mark Bautista, and Randy Santiago, were for lack of words, marvelous… entertaining… great!

We were seated quite far from the stage, that’s why I didn’t get a good shot using my not-so-suited-for-low-light-photography lens, the EF-S 17-85mm f4-5.6IS USM (that’s why I hate Salam Plaza Photo Imaging Section.) Here’s one, though, for your viewing pleasure.

Back to Back Concert in Qatar

Now, another reason to relax. Right the day after the Hearts from Home Concert, Regine and company will be in Qatar Sports Club for Smart Pinoy Goes to Middle East (Qatar).

Just an update, we’ve already secured tickets for the Hearts from Home Concert, and planning to attend also this one! However, the sad news is that my EF 85mm f/1.8 USM lens is still in Salam for repair (because of faulty autofocus). Darn, I hate that Salam! My lens is with them already for almost a month, and right now they’re still waiting for the parts from Dubai.

I’ll just have to try my best to take good pictures out of my EFS 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM.

Remembering the Walk

Sometimes, when I just have nothing to do, I just keep this film replaying on my laptop…

walk to remember

Love is always patient and kind,
It is never jealous,
Love is never boastful nor conceited,
It is never rude or selfish,
It does not take offence,
And it’s not resentful.

Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins
But delights in the truth
It is always ready to excuse,
To trust, to hope, and to endure
whatever comes.