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Bitoy and the Bubble Gang

More videoes!!!

Now this really got me laughing out loud! The spoof of the commercial of advil by the Gutierrez twins and Anabelle Rama. Sad though that embedding the video here is disabled. Just check out the video here.

Moreover, check the videoes of Mamaw (Narda by Kamikazee) and Ulam (Ulan by Cueshe) below:

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Spiderman III Trailer

The year 2006 has seen its share of big movies. These movies include: Superman Returns, X-Men: The Last Stand, The Da Vinci Code, Mission: Impossible 3, and many more. Of course, we can’t exclude the upcoming 007 movie: Casino Royale.

Yet, what’s up in 2007? Yeah, you read it right….Spiderman III….and the trailer below:

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Some Interesting Videos

Some people are just fond of forwarding interesting emails or articles. Some of these emails contain large media files that basically clog your email.

I created this site to be my way of sharing these kinds of articles or media files like videos, photos, etc.

So, here goes:
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Sagada Pictures

Check the pictures here.

This is a flash presentation. You may use the navigation keys at the lower right hand corner, or, press enter to play, right and left arrow keys to move forward and backward, respectively.

Sorry, no more flash presentation, just check out my flickr set in the link above to view the pictures.

Deloitte-CLMC Lafarge Team Escapade Part I

This video feature comes in three parts, first is the Lafarge Team trip to Enchanted Kingdom, Sta. Rosa, Laguna in September or October of 2004 (I’m not exactly sure about the date, but for sure it was in 2004 after the August 31, 2004 engagement). The second, I will feature the video of our outing in Puerto Galera in May 2005. And last, of course, will be the Sagada trip (May 2006), which I am still in the process of compiling the pictures and videos into one music video. (Update: Sagada 2006 is now available)

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