Superproxy 2k6 video

In the last few days, I’ve featured some videos in this site. It must be a trend, maybe. But I just do like to share this video I’ve stumbled upon in youtube. No, this is not funny. But this is worth watching if you are a fan of the late Eraserheads.

Lately, there was an album released entitled UltraElectroMagnetic Jam, featuring different artists performing E’heads hits. One of the featured tracks was “Superproxy 2k6” performed by Francis Magallona.

The following video features Francis Magallona, his junior, Ely Buendia, and his junior also.

There’s no substitute for the real king, indeed.



gmcmanalo August 24, 2006 Reply

cool! astig! Superproxy why don’t you just talk to me!

deuts August 24, 2006 Reply

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