Deloitte-CLMC Lafarge Team Escapade Part III

This is the third of the three series feature.

May 2006 – It was a long trip. We took the Banaue route on our way to Sagada. It took us around 14 long hours to finally get there.

Yet, the experience really paid it off. It was exhausting, but totally fun. We’ve visited the underground river, the hanging coffins, the waterfall, and, of course, the famous Sumaging Cave.

This video was produced and directed by yours truly. You will need to have flash installed in your computer in order to play the video. Click here to install flash.


Update: I’ve received comments that the video via youtube had a very poor resolution. I’m embedding another via bolt so we can compare the two. Please send in your comments, if you have any, regarding the two videos.

Note: if you want the original mpg file of this video, you can drop a line in the comments and I’ll contact you.


edwin June 8, 2006 Reply

Ayos!!! Kaya lang bat ganon.. parang nasira resolution pictures..

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