Appraisal is a domain resource center. In its home page there is an engine on the left that can analyze any website/domain and come up with an appraisal or a rough estimate of how much your site is worth. I’ve entered and guess what it returned….

Combined Value Score: 93
Top Level Domain Score: 8
Unwanted Characters Score: 10
Dictionary Word Score: 50
Length Score: 15 Score: 0
Google Search Results: 4
Yahoo Search Results: 3
MSN Search Results: 2
Search Engine Score: 10

Estimated Base Value: $279.00
Estimated Actual Value: $12,974.00


Thank you for using the LeapFish Domain Name Analyzer. The following custom report explains more details about what each of these numbers means.

The .net top level domain was created around the time as .com names which has given it plenty of time to become popular. This TLD is simple to remember and exhibits a long history making it a great second choice in the domain name market.

As any good domain should, this name does not contain numbers, hyphens, or unicode characters. This is a desirable effect and may not increase the value of your domain name, but it definitly won’t decrease it.

Your domain name contains two entries. There are names like this that are more valuable than a single dictionary word and when paired correctly, these words can be much easier to remember than a single dictionary word. An example would be, is much easier to remember than .

A 5 character domain name is on the median where it is short, but too long to be an acronym such as many 2 and 3 letter domain names. At this point, it becomes more valuable if it is a single dictionary word, or if it contains two contextually relative words together like myjob or something similar. You can find many 5 character domain names with random jumblings of letters that mean something in context possibly, but not to just anybody. Using letters only, there are 11,881,376 possibilites available. This number climbs even higher when involving numbers which is not recommended.

What??? My website is worth $12,974? Is this true? Where are the willing buyers??? Because I’ll be a willing seller!!! LOL…

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