I have received a comment lately from a friend (Wilson Justo) that he didn’t like the appearance of my website. He said that it is too simple. I told him that this site’s appearance was created after its theme of “simple but elegant”.

I’ve actually browsed through the net for other wordpress themes that might suit its “simple but elegant” theme. So far, I liked alexified (e.g., *Jozzua) and hemmed (e.g., The J Spot), but I’ve already done a lot of work with this theme and I’m not really that comfortable with duplicating the looks of the above sites, that’s why I think I don’t plan to change my wordpress theme in the near future. Maybe someday, I’ll change it, after I get bored already with the looks.

So, what do you think now?

I’ve created a survey for me to hear the opinion of my dear readers about my site:
Create your own web poll in less than 3 minutes,
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4 thoughts on “ Interface”

  1. Hey thanks for the tip. I’m actually planning using 3 column themes because I’ve so many in mind to put in the side bar. Surely, I’ll give it a thought. I’m only some kind of busy now. Thanks again.

  2. For me, it’s all about usability. I don’t like clutter and unnecessary elements on websites. So whether a site is plain-looking or snazzed up, what’s important is good readability and navigability (and good markup is great for SEO, too).

  3. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate you two stopping by my site. To tell you the truth, I don’t have much idea about that SEO yet. How it will benefit my site in the long run. And yeah, I like to stick to a plain-looking site. “Simple but elegant”.

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