A Rico-less Rivermaya

It’s actually in the news since last week (Read here). Rico Blanco himself announced the same in his brand new multiply account.

Photo Courtesy of rivermaya.net

Rivermaya is one of my favorite Filipino bands, even since the 90’s era. And I’m saddened by this news. Let’s admit it, Rico is a very talented artist, no doubt.

Surely, Rivermaya has survived being Bamboo-less. But, can it further survive being Rico-less?

4 thoughts on “A Rico-less Rivermaya”

  1. it can not and will not survive without Rico Blanco. As one journalist said “Rivermaya without Bamboo was news, but Rivermaya without Rico Blanco is…. not Rivermaya.

    Rico led the band through the various reinventions and changes. He supplied the hits and created the sound. In his absence, the replacement will eventually discover that the shoes are simply too large to fill.

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