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From NU 107 to DigRadio.ph – A Wish for an iPhone App

I have missed the music that is NU 107, especially since it signed off in November 2010. Rock & Roll world rejoiced when the former DJ’s of NU 107 put up an online music streaming site at digradio.ph to continue that music we have known. Yet, I always find it inconvenient to be able to listen to it only via my laptop.

So here’s a wish for an official iPhone app soon.

Digradio.ph is a step in the right direction for us rock fans to continue converge in one common music ground. So I hope they come up with mobile apps soon for the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.

Listening to NU-107 at E-RadioPortal.com

NU 107In as much as I would like to join the Kill Bill’s Browser bandwagon, there are just certain sites that doesn’t support the fantastic firefox.

Just like this one, being outside the country I have been longing to listen to Philippine radio stations, especially my favorite NU 107. I have long visited e-radioportal.com only to find out the links appear to be broken or defective. Until just today, when I tried accessing it through Bill Gate’s browser, the Internet Explorer, and everything seems fine.

The site uses Windows Media Player to stream the audio from these stations, and it’s only compatible with internet explorer (IE). The thing is the web developer of the site couldn’t even make the site compatible for most web developers’ favorite browser, the mozilla firefox? O c’mon, you can do better than that!